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Article on Blind Pig show


Adding a Godbullie to the mix

We have recently re-formed with drummer and former Godbullie Adam Berg and are back doing shows. We hope to have new material in 2014.

new music

New songs are being worked out now and we hope to have some recordings available for fans in November or December.

Hit the road MIKE

We are heading out for 12 shows in 7 states this week. We are very excited to do so and writer/guitar player Scott Kodrik has re-joined the group as well - two lead guitars for the price of one people. And the writing of new songs has begun - expect something to come out in the Summer or Fall.

Spring 2013

We are booking lots of out of state shows as we prepare to get some new music recorded. Anyone who can help us get european booking should speak up.

Mike Hard Band Summer 2012

We are planning some trips outside the state for the Fall. Anyone interested in helping out please do so by contacting us. We also should have more merch available online soon.