No-one will give you anything in Music

I have come to the realization, that no-one will give you anything in the Music Business. You must be many standards above many other musicians to get anywhere. Most people that listen to choose a band, They make a rash judgments after 1 song, and have no idea who they are choosing until they hear them live, then they go...ooops we made a mistake. Even though they keep writing, " We had some tough choices to make, and unfortunately you were not chosen for this selection. ZIONS RAIN W/ THEODE SCOTT makes most if not all sound pretty sad. The newest band members are so talented, that most everyone that hears us says, " why are you guys not signed. It is pretty simple really, when you play live, and people's mouths drop open, and they say, you guys are just da mazing. It is very evident that most recording companies are promoting a select few that will put dollars in their pocket, they could careless about you, and they definitely could care less for who your songs are about especially if you write songs to bring people to the "Great I am" - Our reward is not here, God has chosen us, so make a stand in these last days to lead a multitude of people into the promise land called Heaven. If you would rather choose someone that is way less talented, then shame on you. There is no over or under bending in any of our guitars. We are just plain solid, so quit choosing boobs and butt over talent & God's end time biblical prophecy. Sit not in the council of the God mockers, and choose a band that sounds better live than in any studio, and we defiantly bring the anointing of his spirit with us, so quit second guessing, and chose the band selected by God to bring you the truth without watering it down. There is only one band selected to bring you the truth, and water you from ZION ( Heaven)...and that is ZION'S RAIN W/ THEODE SCOTT

Win Tour 2013

Win Tour 2013 was a Complete success for the Theode Scott Band. The DVD will be uploaded very soon so everyone can watch Theode Scott Band at Sunshine Studios Live Colorado Springs.

Win Tour 2013 - Feb 7th & 8th

Theode Scott Band will Perform at Win Tour 2013 - Ionia , St Diablo, and Hosted by Jennifer Jen City Arroya- Colorado Springs Sunshine Studio, and Pueblo, Colorado Feb 8th - More Great Bands to be announced - Get Tickets Now !!! Contact Us

Climbing the Charts

Theode Scott Band wants to thank all of our many fans that have helped us climb the whole way up to 114 on the Reverb Nation Christian Rock Charts

Climbing up the Charts

Thank you to all of our fans who have helpoed us climb form 187 to 120 on the Reverb Nation Charts - Love you all Theode Scott Band

" One Tin Soldier " by Theode Scott

Theode Scott Band will release the National Release " ONE TIN SOLDIER " July 10th - go here to get your own copy ahead of time http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=847726004680