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Covfefe : The Greatest Show On Earth

The maniacal, slanderous, pervasive and panderous covfefe news media has been laid to waste, unscrupulous and disgraced, selling no-taste nothing burgers with egg on their face. Being caught red-handed found them bought and branded a famously foisted flummox fiasco aimlessly meddling and shamelessly peddling a scripted and toxic, devoid of logic, garbled verbal vitriol. Surprisingly this mountain of poo successfully managed to fool more than a few. The incredible, ubiquitous mountain of poo, a moronic spew you can't really sink your teeth into, had actually fooled multitudes of mule-minded minions by the millions manipulating them with mundane malarkey and baseless opinions. The formulated air-biscuit opinion is extracted from the cytoplasm of the contrived covfefe factoid host conjecture figment loaf, a contemporary belief system popular on the scene today as choosing to remain uninformed has become the norm and during these days of modern malaise the mediocre, minimally experienced cosmopolitan sophisticate may meteorically rise to prominence acquiring immense political power and influence by effectively emulating sincerity while persistently repeating clever, formulated air-biscuit opinions with added hyperbole that can negatively impact the interests of the reviled racist oligarchs. This propagated ignorance is then praised and celebrated, encouraging ground swells of increased momentum to continually produce endless barrages of conjured chaos crisis hoaxes and organized protest grievance noises for noteworthy causes such as the crusade to end homophobic misogyny. The staged unfairness hoax assembly is set to commence in the parking garage, but meanwhile back at the air biscuit sophisticate rally the protest noises are blatantly exposing an intolerance, depraved indifference and diseased hatred for the great unwashed, irredeemable basket of deplorables and their new leader who is attempting to unmask and unravel the anti-populist, globalist agenda designed for the progressive decline of western civilization. This is beginning to make the conniving, colluding, culpable cronies conveniently cloaked in convoluted legality a little cranky. Loyal to the Leviathan, "they" are upset after decades cultivating the blithering swamp-rat bureaucrats ceremoniously casting chads for open season power-grabs fomenting treason towards the flag, egregious efforts and arduous tasks have been rudely interrupted, the information stranglehold was not to be disrupted, and they'll be damned if some braggadocios, brutish, big-shot builder, blue-collar billionaire from Brooklyn is just going to waltz in and put the brakes on the best long drawn-up, laid-out plans to devalue and dismantle the assets and institutions of American society. So while the covfefe news story about a rise in xenophobia may panic the blind faith believer in the show, it will not deflect and have no affect on the non-beguiled thinker in the know, until one merry day they're rounded-up 'side the hay to be food for a crow, barbed and scorned so it goes, when some real bad seeds were not loath to be born like the thorns on a rose nobody was warned, that what's right is right and what's left is still wrong since time immemorial.

Vic Richard c)2017

Fake Hate Enterprises

Hatred and Anger will shorten resentful, hollowed-out lives. I do not subscribe to these combative, reactionary emotions or strive to promote them through manufactured chaos, grievance narratives, or staged, sponsored protest riots pushed forward in efforts to undermine society's fabric, civil harmony, and social unity while suppressing legitimate, informative media content with feigned relevance and zero credibility, nor do I endeavor to advance the tribal acceptance recognition of identity politics or wittingly enable diabolical, nihilistic, collectivist thought provocateurs.

Vic Richard c)2017

Tawdry Tricks

There's a tacked-up trick pony trots along the rooftop Turning red-light prowl play dates in black city block Scanty clad donkey dank hood-rats feed they jones Pick out ya prime home-girly skank bad to the bone Downtown go ass-clowns out to buy them some fun Where those mamas do know now 'oh boy howdy ho 'Round the way night and day how to get a thing done There's a place found in Rex what the county is called Take the back roads of Texas their house is the bomb Go receive all you need store-brand bedroom blonde Tawdry tricks fared to please lone star single moms

Vic Richard c)2017

Lady Liberty, Three Chords And The Truth

She was faithfully founded and framed long to last Now she's furtively plundered down slowly not fast Lest she know her own virtue or the pride she once had Show her rage or feel shameful or surmise to be sad When she's gone

Vic Richard c)2016

The Pledge of Indifference

"I pledge indifference to the burning Flag of The Divided States of America, and to the Democracy for which it falls, an abomination asunder God, ill, divisible, with tyranny and injustice for all."

Vic Richard c)2016


Possessing common sense with the ability to utilize logic and deductive reasoning is exceptional and decidedly less common. I'm disappointed so many can be adversely manipulated by divisive propaganda, false narratives, and agenda driven media and education. With their independent and critical thought processes successfully regressed, they become programmed products of a corrupted establishment that for decades facilitated the indoctrination of generations of unsuspecting, uninformed American citizens.

Vic Richard c)2016


Condemn disruptive drones enabled evil rise respective

Suppress rejected feigned replies from clones of the collective

Embrace inspired open minds ideas new and reflective

Engage evolved productive lives more prone to be effective........

Vic Richard c)2015

Stemming The Flow

It seems that the U.S.A. has a never ending flow of stupid. I contend this was planned to be our reality all along and Planned Parenthood is there to help stem the flow. It's a shame that we can't trade or export these troglodytes, as they would be one of our most plentiful commodities (The Soylent Green Standard). Oh, say can you see that the daily screenplay is a dog and pony show that works to keep "We The People" entertained, uninformed and divided. Knowledge is power and the information is guarded and protected. Education curriculum, television and print media is controlled and regulated to efficiently propagate a diminished capacity within the minds of it's subjects. "I never let schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain When I was in school, for example, Common Core was an effective method used to teach the mentally retarded and children that were unable to grasp conceptual thinking. Today it's the standard. So the tactics of sabotage and misdirection are intentional unless they're caught, then it's called incompetence "Whoops! Sorry about that." Meanwhile up on the hill, as "the faces" are squabbling about ethics, tax payer funding, and blah blah blah thus and such, it's business as usual's dirty deeds getting done because most of the population is oblivious to their own manipulation. They're not privy to the clandestine agendas imposed on them by the thrones they worship who've agreed to "act" as the "elected" stewards of the public's faith and trust. A public conditioned to be fans and followers with plenty of teams and celebrities to support and idolize. Whether or not "the Americans" experience liberty, freedom, a voice and a choice is a matter of perspective and depends upon the virtues and correlations of these inhabitants. So imagine a high level, top secret sociological experiment coupled with the process of natural selection was covertly implemented. It's easy if you try and what better way to weed out the imbeciles than to dish out the poison, see who eats and who asks for seconds.

Vic Richard c)2015

Wagging The Dog

I don't have a chip on my shoulder or a bone to pick, don't have an axe to grind or bats in my belfry, I've just got bigger fish to fry is all and If that gets your goat or sticks in your craw it's no skin off my nose, I got no irons in the fire and this sure ain't my first rodeo. See, when it comes down to brass tacks, we're really just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. So don't throw out the baby with the bath water, just bury the hatchet, swallow your pride and keep your eyes on the prize 'cause even when the chips are down and you feel like you don't have a pot to piss in, just remember at the end of the day, it ain't really over "till the fat lady sings.

Vic Richard c)2014

The Secret

A young boy recently and bravely walked right up to me, looked me square in the eyes, unafraid and engaged me in an open and spirited conversation. I was almost surprised, but it was so refreshing that I generously gave him 100% of my attention, and we stood there alone, masters of the universe, and spoke candidly as men. He knew who I was and said he wanted to get a guitar and be a songwriter. He was so proud and uninhibited, the power of wonder and endless possibilities in his eyes. "How do you write songs?" I didn't want to let him down. He was so attentive with his young fragile mind so eagerly waiting for the answer and I wanted to give him the most honest answer I could. Then it came to me, "loneliness" I said. There is no better way for an artist to begin the writing process than to be alone with his thoughts, with no distractions, work things out in his mind and get in touch with his innermost feelings and motivations. He was both amazed and satisfied. "Loneliness" is the secret my boy!

Vic Richard c)2014