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Lady Liberty Three Chords And The Truth

She was faithfully founded and framed long to last now she's furtively plundered down slowly not fast lest she know her own virtue or the pride she once had show her rage or feel shameful or surmise to be sad when she's gone

Vic Richard c)2016

The Pledge of Indifference

I pledge indifference to the burning flags of The Divided States of America and to the Democracy for which it falls an abomination asunder God ill divisible with tyranny and injustice for all

Vic Richard c)2016


Possessing common sense with the ability to utilize logic and deductive reasoning is exceptional and decidedly less common. I'm disappointed so many can be adversely manipulated by divisive propaganda, false narratives, and agenda driven media and education. With their independent and critical thought processes successfully regressed, they become programmed products of a corrupted establishment that for decades facilitated the indoctrination of generations of unsuspecting, uninformed American citizens.

Vic Richard c)2016


Condemn defective drones enabled evil rise respective

Suppress rejected feigned replies from clones of the collective

Embrace inspired open minds ideas new and reflective

Engage evolved productive lives more prone to be effective........

Vic Richard c)2015

Stemming The Flow

It seems that the U.S.A. has a never ending flow of stupid. I contend this was planned to be our reality all along and Planned Parenthood is there to help stem the flow. It's a shame that we can't trade or export these troglodytes, as they would be one of our most plentiful commodities (The Soylent Green Standard). Oh, say can you see that the daily screenplay is a dog and pony show that works to keep "We The People" entertained, uninformed and divided. Knowledge is power and the information is guarded and protected. Education curriculum, television and print media is controlled and regulated to efficiently propagate a diminished capacity within the minds of it's subjects. "I never let schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain When I was in school, for example, Common Core was an effective method used to teach the mentally retarded and children that were unable to grasp conceptual thinking. Today it's the standard. So the tactics of sabotage and misdirection are intentional unless they're caught, then it's called incompetence "Whoops! Sorry about that." Meanwhile up on the hill, as "the faces" are squabbling about ethics, tax payer funding, and blah blah blah thus and such, it's business as usual's dirty deeds getting done because most of the population is oblivious to their own manipulation. They're not privy to the clandestine agendas imposed on them by the thrones they worship who've agreed to "act" as the "elected" stewards of the public's faith and trust. A public conditioned to be fans and followers with plenty of teams and celebrities to support and idolize. Whether or not "the Americans" experience liberty, freedom, a voice and a choice is a matter of perspective and depends upon the virtues and correlations of these inhabitants. So imagine a high level, top secret sociological experiment coupled with the process of natural selection was covertly implemented. It's easy if you try and what better way to weed out the imbeciles than to dish out the poison, see who eats and who asks for seconds.

Vic Richard c)2015

Tawdry Tricks

There's a one trick pony walks along the rooftops

Rules above the dead flowers and johns on the block

On dark streets of sin strays feel right at home

Pick out a slave or two you can call your own

Down there go the lonely out buying someone

and mamma knows how to get a thing done

There's a place out in Rex what the county is called

It's a long way from Texas her house is the bomb

Get whatever you want brand new bedroom blonde

Tawdry tricks there to please she's a single mom

Vic Richard c)2014

Wagging The Dog

I don't have a chip on my shoulder, or a bone to pick, I don't have an axe to grind, or bats in my belfry. I've just got bigger fish to fry is all, and If that gets your goat, or sticks in your craw, it's no skin off my nose, got no irons in the fire, and this sure as hell ain't my first rodeo. When it comes down to brass tacks, we're just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. So don't throw out the baby with the bath water, just bury the hatchet, swallow your pride, and keep your eyes on the prize. 'Cause even when the chips are down, and you feel like you don't have a pot to piss in, just remember, at the end of the day, it ain't really over "till the fat lady sings

Vic Richard c)2014

The Secret

A young boy recently and bravely walked right up to me, looked me square in the eyes, unafraid and engaged me in an open and spirited conversation. I was almost surprised, but it was so refreshing that I generously gave him 100% of my attention, and we stood there alone, masters of the universe, and spoke candidly as men. He knew who I was and said he wanted to get a guitar and be a songwriter. He was so proud and uninhibited, the power of wonder and endless possibilities in his eyes. "How do you write songs?" I didn't want to let him down, He was so attentive, his young fragile mind so eagerly waiting for the answer, I wanted to give him the most honest answer I could. Then it came to me, "loneliness" I said. There is no better way for an artist to begin the process of writing than to be alone with his thoughts, with no distractions, work things out in his mind and get in touch with his innermost feelings and motivations. He was both amazed and satisfied. "Loneliness is the secret my boy!"

Vic Richard c)2013

Hard Sell

I've lived so long behind a shell now all the kids have grown

I've known what fun is all too well and now I stand alone

I didn't forget anything some hard lessons I was taught

Most of you have grown up well I'm afraid that some have not

Surface unit I dwell toxic burnout I smell

Bad Religion hard sell I can't use it oh well

Because your point of view is so untrue

You need something to think about the pennies on your shelves

A grass fuel burning desert cow to forget about yourselves

You need someone to make it sell to teach you what you really want

And I won't be somebody else or something I am not

Vic Richard c)2013

Art and Human Nature

As an artist, one must learn to accept praise and adoration, as well as indifference, jealousy, even hatred with equal grace and humility while being sensitive and mindful of the flaws and attributes associated with human nature.

Vic Richard c)2012