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Heavy Metal is TAKING OVER!

Greetings loyal minions, heh heh heh! I'm producing the new Will The Thrill record next week! After 10 months of grueling work, the audio part of the process will finally be done. Next is the artwork and advance press.

Believe it or not, I'm not exactly doing this music to make money. If I was doing music purely to make money I would sell out and start a Justin Bieber tribute band :). But he sucks so no thanks! Here in the United States, Heavy Metal doesn't make much money. But the people who do like it are very dedicated to rocking out!

Anyway, the main reason I make Heavy Metal is because I love love love it, and this music makes my life better. Friends, Ronnie James Dio is no longer with us. Judas Priest had their farewell tour. Even the spoiled brats in Ratt and Poison are in their 50's. They cannot be replaced when they finally call it quits.

But I'm gonna do my best to carry on in their tradition. I want this music to still be around, decades from now, making people's lives better like it has done for me. I hope you keep listening to my music and that it's making your lives better. You have friends who need to hear it too, I know it. Tell 'em all, until even the uncontacted tribes in the Amazon Rainforest know who Will The Thrill is! \m/


Will The Thrill Happenings

Greetings mighty legions of fans, your fearless leader Will The Thrill is here to take you to the promised land of ROCKING! I'm recording backing vocals right now for a song called "Your Worst Nightmare", a speed metal song that sounds a lot like "Livewire" by Motley Crue and "Exciter" by Judas Priest. So your whole 1978-1982 kinda feel. But then it's got weedly-weedly-weedly fast soloing in it too 'cause I like to shred \m/. Anyway, I hope to have the album totally produced and mastered by the end of November and then I gotta get artwork together, and possibly shop it to some labels. In the meantime, we do have a single out for "I Don't Answer To You" and the song is on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yKdqqT8mII Finally, my whole first album (and the new single) is up on Spotify, Jango, and who knows where else (depending on who uploaded it illegally somewhere, ha ha). Alright dudes, I've got some more work to do. Rock! Rock! (Till Ya Drop),


Make your life Rokken!

Lots of people call themselves Will The Thrill, and if you find enough of them your life will freakin' rock! You can start right here :).