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Al Holbrook and Pianist Songwriters at Canal Public House

This Saturday, October 24, The Canal Public House is featuring the Al Holbrook Band (a Dayton native coming back to us from Nashville). Opening acts will be Scott Houchens and myself, making for a great night of music featuring three pianists. Music starts around 9:00 p.m.

Thank you, fans!

The CD Release party at Yellow Cab was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and bought the album!

It's Almost Here!

The new album "On the Inside" is in the mastering stage and nearing completion! Bookmark this page for details and updates on the release, and plan to attend the CD Release Party on Friday, June 13 at the Yellow Cab in Dayton.

Work In Progress

Dear Fans,

I thought you might appreciate an update on how the album is coming along. Progress is being made! I did expect that the recording process would take a great deal of time, but I will admit that it is taking longer than I initially expected. Finding time in the studio that works with my schedule, the studio schedule, and all of the musicians' busy lives has been the biggest challenge thus far. The album is being built brick-by-brick, though, and every time I get a few hours in the studio, we get a little closer to completion. I am really excited about the tracks that are coming together, and I think you will be pleased with the quality we are taking the time to create.

At this point, my original estimate of a January release is seeming a bit optimistic, but it is hard to tell how long the post-recording phases will actually take. I will send out another update when recording wraps up, so I can give you a better idea of what to expect!

Thanks everyone, and take care,