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Broken Forever

The new Broken People EP is out, both online and in CD form now and we are having a release party for it this Saturday at the Red Eyed Fly. It’s fitting that it gets a celebration because we’ve made a fairly big decision about it. The original plan was to get these four songs down, and later on record some more and combine them all into a full length album, essentially making Broken People a preview of the second full-length. However, the more we write new material the more we have thought that this group of songs have their own feel, which actually might not fit as well with the newer stuff. So, Broken People will live as its own body of work, and the next album will be all new material when it comes. After all, artists are always changing and modifying their craft, and we’re no exception. It seems to us better to have a cohesive EP and later another cohesive album, without having to force the two together.


It Really Is A Transient World

We love Transient World. We put a lot of time and blood and sweat into that record. But as we've been fleshing out new songs for as-yet-untitled EP and beyond, it's started feeling like TW was just a practice run in many ways. It was us developing ourselves, and when we started writing those songs, we still had no idea what we were going to be like as a band. Now we've been playing and writing together for about three years (!) and we've fallen into much more of a groove in the way we create music and what we are musically. Still evolving of course. Never stop evolving. But our concept of what we sound like and what we can do has a lot more direction than it did when the songs of TW were written. Our music is getting more refined as we keep putting in the time. I think you'll hear that shift on the EP, and again when we add the second part of it. We have a lot of the musical ideas down already actually, and they just need fleshing out. And so that's the plan. Instead of leaving the EP as a standalone group of songs, the next go around in the studio we'll record another 6 or 7 songs and put them all together as our full-length sophomore album. We just really needed to get the recording bug out of our system (producers, sheesh) now that we have some of these newer songs, and this way we'll have a better representation of what we are now versus what we started out as. For your listening pleasure, of course. Good things are coming and we're really excited about them :)

New EP Project!

Hey everyone!

Our very first blog post. Cool. We have been doing a lot of evaluating and planning lately and this seems a better format than some little status update on the TwitFace or whatever. So, what are we? That's been one question coming up a lot lately. We have decided that more than anything we are a studio band, and while we want to keep playing live shows here and there, our main focus is going to be recording. We are, after all, recording engineers. So what's the plan? Well, instead of doing another full length album right away, which would require us to finish writing a lot of the material and would be a big project that takes lots of time, we have decided that an EP is the way to go. We can get a few of our finished songs down and polished and get them to you without a tremendous wait. And then maybe we can start another one. Rinse and repeat.

See, we tend to write songs much faster than we can record them. By the time Transient World came out, some of those songs were two years old and we already had new ones that just weren't quite done yet. The EP format will allow us to release a few of our newest songs at a time, and it just so happens we have enough songs to start on it immediately. Meanwhile it also won't eat up all our time so we can still put together some shows. Keep an eye out for more details on the EP as we start getting things set in stone.