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Goals this season !!!

Good morning Fans ! We hope your Saturday is off to a great start. Whether your off to the park or just driving for the hell of it to have your windows down....... This season we'll be dusting off our chops and looking for a talented individual to fill our rhythm section as bassist. We are also completing our new studio so we can get working on material for the next EP or possibly LP. Please don't forget to check out our most recent release on Itunes and Cd Baby ! It is packed full with a punch and delivers tons of energy that most artists today are lacking. Stay tuned, keep sharing and stay ROCKIN !!! ;) Thanks Sean/OWS


We got together yesterday to practice for our show at "The Smiling Moose" and behold a new song is born! Early stages right now of course, the music is sorta where it needs to be and the lyrics are free flow right now. Becky grabbed the cam for a sneak peek :) LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE !!!


Hey Everyone! Just a little update.... Things are going pretty smooth right now. Trying to tweak all the songs, get them ready enough to perform. Shows could start as early as May, and recording will be resuming as well ! Till then fans...Please show your love and spread the word, LIKE us if you already haven't.... THANKS !

Looking for new blood !

Hey fans ! We are still looking for a new drummer to come and take the reigns, Replace drum tracks for our LP release next year and of course play shows. Someone whom will stay and be a part of something great ! If you think you can mirror these tracks if not make em better, hit us up via FB. Thanks !

More and more UPDATES !

We are kick it in full gear right now. Recording, booking gigs, networking, and well.... being ourselves !


Getting our Reverb site under construction, Stay Tuned !