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Retrotextive - Meet Again

New song from new CD - Meet Again

New songs "Kaukauna" and "Suffocate"

Thanks for listening!

Why Try

New song called "Why Try".

West Virginia (Demo)

New song called "West Virginia". Peace, Kyle

Valentine's Day

New song called "Valentine's Day". Peace, Kyle.

Let It Rain

New song called "Let it Rain". Peace, Kyle


My song 'Rainbow' put me on top of all genre charts in the region today! Thanks for listening and grabbing the downloads! Peace, Kyle.

Let 'ah

New song called Let 'ah. Peace, Kyle.

Set Me Free

Lyrics I wrote some time back, and am giving them a chance. The time may be right. Peace, Kyle.

My Child - video posted by Kyle Rosenthal

My song in response to heart broken feelings over the tragedy at the Newtown, CT elementary school.