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William Kirk On Radio

William Kirk will be on the radio tomorrow morning. Please tune in around 10 am to this link I will be on the Radio tomorrow being introduce to the listeners. Here is the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holinternationaltalkradio Please start to tune in around 10 am.

Captain William Kirk

Ok so Im in talks with this International company and when its all set and done expect to hear me this fall on AIR!!!!!! Radio Stations have a New Beat To Blaze To.

William kirk Music Video

A Music Video is in talks for a few songs that are displayed on web. Keep in tune with Captain.

William Kirk Rocking that MUZIK

Im working on Music and looking to move quickly into something else way cool ... cant speak on it much but I must say A New Captn is on His Way ;-)

Desire the Best

Everyone desire to be the best .... well mostly everyone but I desire to achieve Peace, Love , and Patience ...... Teaching the 3 virtues to the WORLD through Music is my desire...... I wanna Rock and if I Rock might as well Rock with the ((Best))!!!!! Thank You ((Jesus))!!!!!!