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Common Tongue's Fall Tour 2014, Journey to Fest

As some of you know, we will be hitting the road after our tour kick off show at the Palo Verde in Tempe on Friday October 24th. This is our first extended tour, and when we get back we will have a full length album ready for all you beautiful patient people sometime this winter. We will have the pleasure of joining our good buddies Oc45 from Boston, and on our way home, we will be joined by none other than Austin, Tx's own Bass Line Bums. This shall prove to be our greatest adventure yet, and with all of your love and support across this great nation so far, when we haven't even played your city yet, we feel we can't go wrong. Stoked to see old and new friends everywhere we go, so until then, keep supporting this wonderful scene, and each other none of us bands could do what we do if it wasn't for YOU!

More songs recorded!

You might have heard them at various places we've played, but now they're going to be available on MP3! We have some vocal stylings to wrap up soon, then off to mixing/mastering! Stay tuned for the releases!

Demo cd is done!

Just waitiing on some masters to come back, and we will release ALL the tracks here and on our Bandcamp Page too (commontongue.bandcamp.com), so get stoked for those. We're steadily working on some new ones too, plus we still have more tracks to record that we have already got done! We're putting in the work, and getting some really fun results. Share the page, tell a friend, and get them involved too! We'll see you again on Feb 2nd at The Icehouse in Phoenix!

New update!

Hey there, thanks for checking us out again, and for reading this blog.

We just posted a short teaser video here on our page, scope it out!

We have recording plans set up for this month, so we WILL have some tracks up here soon, WAY before our October 6th first show at Tempe Tavern, with Abraham Drinkin', Down By Fire, and Atomic Zombies! Its a free show, so get your ass over there and come see us.

I'm working on making the Android/iPhone app soon too, so be on the watch for that. Website is coming soon too. Lots of stuff to do to get this band where it deserves to be, but its always worth it!



Thanks for checking us out! Sorry we don't have any tunes yet, but we are in the process of structuring a few more songs so we can go record a demo CD for you this summer. In the meantime, we need a logo. A good one. Good with Photoshop/Illustrator? Sweet, because we're not. Taht being said, submit a logo that you made (not copied from the internet) in a 300 DPI PNG format (the larger, the better). We'll give 5 winners FREE admission to our first show (September 2012 -- we'll let you know for what date well in advance), and one of the first-run pressings of their own logo on either a shirt, hat, or sticker. Of course you'll need to know a bit about us, and our music to do that, so we're a DIY 90s skate punk band of cool ass dudes. We play hard, fast, and loud. So get those submissions made and sent to: commontongueaz@gmail.com -- This will be an ongoing contest until August, so not a big rush, but we want to to see what you can do! So get crackin'!