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Thank You :)

Been a long time I did not log in at Reverbnation. I've got a lot of new fans, more precisely the extraordinary people... & my musicians friends in Indonesia and around the world for the supports from you guys, the comments to an appreciation of my work. Because you are always willing to take the time to listen / streaming my songs and play my videos so I often get rank 1 on reverbnation. thank you for everything #RF


(especially when we are prosperous & victorious)

There is a priceless treasure inside of each of us. If we do not know someone or even ourselves, we will always think that there is nothing to be proud of ourselves. Such as clay spheres worthless and of no value if sold. Often we see a person just from the outside and always compare with someone more beautiful / more handsome even with people who are richer. But, never a bit of time we observe thoroughly to find the the secret of God's treasures hidden inside that person.

There is precious treasure inside each person. If we take a little time to get to know more in the person and ask God to show us that someone does not like what we see, then the clay that surrounds a person will start to peel off and shine a wonderful gem. May you come into the world not only to end in death without seeing what is actually hidden inside you. May you see yourself and the people around you as God looked at them.

Have a great weekend all my friends! may God bless you & your family :) #RF

Success is when you always feel happy with what you have

When we are busy pursuing wealth of, do not forget give attention to the people we love. If we ignore them... so.. when we are abundantly filthy rich they all are removing you from his/her heart. Because Success is when we are happy with what we have. Despite having everything but not being happy is pointless #RF

Keep support each others :)

Have a thousand friends...too little, have one enemy...too much, continue to work with honesty. There are thousands of friends that support is a blessing. A natural thing in life there are people who always think positive or there are always thinking negatively, depending how we react to it, want to quit or continue working ... keep the spirit my friend, life must have meaning :) #RF


I am a singer and songwriter who continue to work and dedicate my life to music, always grateful for every situation and always appreciate any opportunity given from God. Pursue my dreams and never give up. Do the best for our lives and for those people we love. #RF