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Best International Band 2012: Music Industry Awards

Today we won in the category of 'Best International Band 2012' on the UK's TBFM Radio awards show 'Music Industry Awards.' Needless to say we were BLOWN away. We had no idea we had been nominated (voting closed 12/30/12). We had only been receiving air play on the station for maybe 3 weeks so it makes us even more grateful that we won in this category. We are honored, thankful and humbly proud. THANK YOU to the DJs, Staff and the listeners of TBFM Online (http://www.tbfmonline.co.uk).

Official Album Release!

The powerful sounds of 'Thief In The Night's first album is NOW available. You purchase it now on CD Baby @ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thiefinthenight13

Release date is set: 10/11/12

The EP will be released on CD 10/11/12. You can pre-order the CD now AND get a full digital download NOW on our website (www.thiefinthenightband.com). We're excited about the release and the feedback on the pre-release of the first single, 'Chasing Utopia' on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more has been great!

Mixing is completed!

The album has completed mixing and sounds FANTASTIC! The exact date is being finalized but the goal is to release in July! Standby for more info.