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ATTENTION: Any and all upcoming artists please stay away from a guy named Patrick Filkins. He claims to be a talent manager, when in reality he is a low level con artist. I am speaking from personal experience. I linked up with him and was promised gold, instead I recieved bronze and accrued A LOT of debt. He uses upcoming artists' hunger and desperation to his advantage. He also distributes UNAUTHORIZED songs to his artists' which he is currently under investigation for. He DOES have one asset though, his mouth...he truly does have the gift of gab and will make you think you are the next to blow up. Some of the shady things he has done to me personally is, tax me on shows (ie: tell me it's 400$ to register when it's really only 200$), tried taxing me on a distribution deal with Universal Records (He said it costs $6,000, when really it was only $2,000), threatens to sue when you don't pay for his every need, doesn't contribute to any monetary costs of his artists, demands 50% of all income generated when he doesn't invest at ALL (YOU CAN LEGALLY ONLY RECEIVE 20%), he claims to have connections WHICH he does, what he won't tell you is the connections want NOTHING to do with him because he has a TERRIBLE reputation in the industry. I knew of his reputation before I signed a 6 month contract with him, but I am the type of guy to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I should have listened. He will also claim that EVERY artist he has worked with has screwed him over and that WE ARE to blame and it's never his fault. I literally have recordings of this banter from him. Question, when 8-11 different people are sharing the SAME exact experiences with a person and literally say the same things the person has said VERBATUM....what would you believe???....If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck....it's a fucking duck.....Please, any upcoming artists STAY far and clear from this guy. He has no money, no connections, and no morals...he sells pipe dreams to those willing to smoke it. I learned the hard way.....I can go on and on with countless stories of bad experiences with this guy, but there is no need to....just ask his other past artists. Then ask Mr. Filkins himself....I Promise you he'll say something along the lines of "Oh, I did so much for ______ and all they did was fuck me over. I promoted them, booked them shows, got them connections....countless man hours of marketing, and they didn't pay me. And as they started getting a bigger name and put on to the business side of music, they dumped me...they all do!!!!" I GARAUNTEE it'll be something along those lines. He does NOT accept responsiblity for his actions, and tries to dump everything on other people. He is literally the lowest of the low, I say that because he preys on those who are desperate (Like I was), ignorant to music business (Like I was), and people he can make a quick buck off of. I tell no lies, in the month of May 2012 alone I invested upwords of $4,500....he invested $0. When confronted about this, he retorted with "I've put in my time and that is just as good as money". If he did invest time, he has nothing to show for it....when asked to produce an invoice, he couldn't. Please, any upcoming artist just stay away....and don't say WE didn't tell you so!

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You may wanna download this, its sort of a big deal...


Sad Day....

.....My deepest condolences to the family, friends, and the people affected by Joe Chastains condition...praying for you guys.

Out Of Town

Outta town at the moment, feels great to escape Gloome County as well as Binghamton. We call Binghamton "The Bing" cuz it's literally like being trapped in the clink or the bin(g)...it's slang people! But seriously, your only trapped if YOU let yourself become such...break free from whatever's holding you back!! Mind over Matter and NOTHING matters except your own happiness.


It's a gloomy day here in Gloom County, NY...bored...it's like 11:30 at night I'm doing this blog to vent. Been having personal family issues all week long, and looks like it's going to consume the rest of my month. I will NOT be doing the Chelsea Manor show...for that matter I will not be doing any shows in June. I can't concentrate on a music performance when I got a very sick 3 month old baby...too much stress. Taking this month to get him healthy, regroup, and stock pile songs...be warned July and August the heat is getting turned UP!!! Shout out to my Manager Vibes, WHATS GOOD!? Make sure you all add him on the good old Facebooker... under the name Vibes Cartell....everyone enjoy your night and tomorrows day, and always be thankful and gratuitous everyday you awake to enjoy the day. Love is Love...Pd


Hey everyone it's your boy Pd! Just giving a brief shout out and introduction to my new Reverbnation Page!! Hope everyone enjoys the tunes, add me on Twitter @PdPoonJam & Facebook.com/Pdpoon HIT LIKE and for a WHOLE GANG of songs that are not on my Reverbnation Page make sure you check out www.soundclick.com/PdPoonJam

Thanks Everyone and FEEDBACK is always appreciated...I invite you all to JUST LISTEN and see what this "game" HAS BEEN MISSING!