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A New Wave Chapter 2

Hello again, I wanted to share the news that on December 1st I will be posting information about music that has been in the works. Also I will be releasing a new mixtape on SoundCloud the same day. I wanted to give a brief description of what has gone into this album so far. Since getting back from California in late April I started to work on new material. With working with others on this project it has aloud me to develop a new progressed sound that I have been searching for. This album is a follow up to the "You Bring the Lights I'll Bring the Noise" EP. It goes back to more melodic and ambient style I was working with, but now also has heavy and filthy EDM and hip hop grooves mixed in it. Thank you for your support and keep listening.

Hello again

Its nice to let you all in on some news again. I've been busy working on a good amount of music since the end of the last EP. What is coming up is a new step in Purple Lithium music and a new goal for me personally. With making music by myself, I am working with other people on music as well. One of them being Matt Paugh Music. With little that I can say about the music going on right now I can say that you wont be let down. Thank you for listening and giving support.

Finishing Touch

With only alittle bit of work left for the new EP, I wanted to share that I am going to be making a mixtape on a project with Matt Paugh (Matix). This mixtape is to help out with a charity project named "Help Is On the Way". There will be T-Shirts made to help donate money to charity. Matt came up with the plan to start this and has added a few people to help and I am glad to be one of them. We are currently working on the design of the shirt and Matt and I are working on our on mixtapes. So with time, all of us who are working on this hope that you can help out and support for a good cause. Back to the EP though. On this new one I would once again like to say thank you to Melody Joy for letting me make a mashup of some of her music. Also I would like to say thank you to Matt Paugh for helping out as well. This EP has been fun to make but it has been tough to make with everything going on. It probably would have been finished sooner but im glad it atleast gets to come out when its starting to warm up. Thank you again to everyone who has been apart of this and everyone around me for putting up with my bullshit. Get ready for "When the World Stopped Moving" out on May 14th.

Thank You

So I just wanted to take up alittle more of your time by saying thank you to all that have supported my music. You gave me more reason to make music. As I learn new things to do with music I keep your listening pleasures in mind with what I enjoy doing as well. With the rise of heavy grimey music I wanted to make an EP that leaned more in that direction. With this new EP I feel I have done just that. I still keep the chill dreamy side of my music you know and love but have also put alittle more grime in with it. Once again thank you friends, family, and fans for your support with the music and I can't wait to release this next EP for you.


Hello again. While working on the new EP, I have also been working on a mashup of a great artist. Before saying who I would like to say thank you for allowing me to make a mash up of your songs and also thank you for listening and giving support. Not to many other artist on this site or in general will message back or show real support. So once again thank you to Melody Joy. So with this new EP and mashup single you can see that its been pretty busy with work and life. But with all this I am working with multiple people to bring you something new. I hope you enjoy the music and what else is coming. More news on the Melody Joy mashup will be released soon and the the new EP "When the World Stopped Moving" will be released on May 14th.

Lexa Terrestrial
Lexa Terrestrial  (about 5 years ago)

very fucking cool! :D
im honored to be on this EP
and will be checking it out
I used to love making mashups
funnest things ever!

you're a sweetheart.
And yes.. reverbnation is not as social as it used to be.. but i say fuck it...
it's not going to stop me.



After a long time of stuggling with decisions, i have decided to wait untill the spring time to release my next EP. I have alot to deal with and work on right now. With going back to school, going to festivals, and all around everyday life, I have been over working my music to the point its not coming out how i please. So I am going to take more time and fine tune everything to my liking. I will be posting a release date in not to long for the new EP "When the World Stopped Moving". With saying all of this I would like to thank the three important F's. Thank you Family, Friends, and Fans, for helping, supporting, and enjoying my music and myself. I love you all.

New E.P.

So after I finished "You Bring the Lights and I'll Bring the Noise" I wanted to get started right away on more music. The new E.P. I am working on is called "When the World Stopped Moving" and its more electronic based. I wanted to continue making intresting styles of music and keep moving in new directions. For now I am still working on it, but I will keep you posted. Thank you for listening and supporting.

A New Year

With the start of this new year there is many diffrent things to be released. My plans include working with Matt Paul, J.J.S, SlyCat, and many others. Also the start of Iris Productions which will incluse some of the artist that I have worked with before. I would like to think everyone who has helped get me this far. Never have I thought in the 21 years of my life that I would know and meet so many great people. So with saying that, I am hoping to start a small tour this year but more info will be released later. Thank you again to all of you and get ready for more new music to come out soon.

Dec. 21st

I have put out "You Bring the Lights and I'll Bring the Noise". Now I am working on new music with a few friends and also starting up Iris Productions. This new 6 track EP is some of my favorite work, and with saying that the 4 months that was put into it was a great learning period. Thank you for listening this year and be ready for new music and shows next year. Happy Holidays and have a great END OF THE WORLD!!!!

(^_^) HAPPY BIRTHDAY change of plans

So... when I was trying to upload my new mixtape the file was to big. So instead of leaving you without any new music, I give you: 1.Dealing with Change 2.The Importance of May 21 3. Purple Queen Mix "Dealing with Change" is from my new album coming out on the 21st. "the Importance of May 21" is a remix of J.J.S. And "Purple Queen" is a mix of music from Acne Queen and my own. I am very sorry about not being able to put out my mixtape for you. But the good news is that you will be able to hear it on the 5th. My show is posted up where you can come see Matt Paul, Ziggy, Re!den, and I.