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Drums are recorded!

Recorded Jordan Witty on drums last night, finally! Too bad my little Boss studio can only handle one input at a time, doesn't do his great drumming any justice. So, over the next few days I will be mixing two songs! Have a great week everone! C


The drummmer is ready! Thursday night we will be recording the drum section to my new song, very exciting, I haven't used a real drummer in my recordings before.

The new song is the Rock Anthem I have been talking about. It is song to get the crowds worked up for our home town Junior Hockey Team The Dryden Ice Dogs. Their next home game is not until December 4th, so I have to wait until thent o een post the song! Not sure I can wait that long!

Have a great day! C

New Song Coming Soon...

Just finished recording my guitar rhythm...again! And re-did the vocals. The song has be officially sent off to the drummer to work out his patterns. Hopng to have the finished product very soon! It's really nice to be back into playing again after a lenghty break. Also picked up a 5 string banjo, now there's something a little different from guitar! C


Since most of my music lately has been more story telling than it has been worship, I havechanged my primary genre to rock, and my secondary as christian rock. C

Desperate Gamble V2

Well, what can I say! Scott Witty has been a great supporter of my art since he found out that I played guitar! Scott first heard me when I played rhythm for Loud As Rock at their CD release concert almost a year ago now. Scott has since been sharing his lyrics with me to get me to add music to it. The trick has been that he never tells me the story or gives me any direction.

So, the first thing I do is sit down with my acoustic and work thru the story until I understand what's going on in the story. Then I do my best to make his vision come alive. I have not given him the thanks he deserves for his support, so thank you Scott, and thank you for sharing your hard work with me, and trusting me with it. This latest song, Desperate Gamble, I guess I nailed it for him. Scott wrote to me "the depth of the lyrics and your presentation cut me to the bone". So, what could I do? I added an extra layer of guitar to the chorus to help bring out the emotions. Hope you enjoy the lightly modified version. Thanks for listening! C

Acoustic Song

Just posted a new acoustic song by Scott Witty. Hope you enjoy it. Still working on 2 other rock songs, one was put on hold 4 months ago, and the other is a Rock Anthem for our Home Hockey team which is currently at the stage of getting drums worked for it. Have a great November and thanks to all the ReverbNation fans and Bands for your wonderful complements!!!

Busy Summer

It has been a very busy summer with work, and September will continue to be as well. I had started a new song in July, but have had no time to finish it, kind of a ZZ Top feel to it. Hope everyone had a wonderful summer! C


Perceptions re-done. So, added overdrive and delay to the solo, and changed the end of the solo a little. I also added an extra lead melody to the ending chorus to make it bigger and make the ending that much punchier.


I got my studio back! Sure missed having it here! Just finished recording another Scott Witty song called Perceptions. It mixes things up a bit lyrically to mess with our perceptions. So the lyrics are meant to be a bit messed up! I hope you all enjoy it, it should be posted in the next 30 minutes. C

Down Time

Well, I have not done anything in the past week or so. I have lent out my studio to a friend and getting ready for my son's Grade 8 grade. Been finding a lot of great music on ReverbNation though!!!