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Check us out via live stream on K-Rock 105.5 Charlottetown, PEI on the 'Sonic Source' with Sherri K. at 8 PM eastern, 9 PM Atlantic on Sunday April 13th! Sherri will be featuring our song 'Forward Thrust'

Ipartee723 loves Under Pressure

Happy New Year!! Thanks for searching me out and inviting me as a Friend and now a "FAN!" I listened to your Music and I LOVE IT! AWESOME LYRICS!!! I never new of Under Pressure til I received your e-mail, and you made my day! Thanks Again! My ears, My Heart, and My Soul, are always open and available to hear and feel the wonderful magic that Artists like you have available for us! Peace & Love To You & Yours! Linda Partee

beverlyxxx  (over 10 years ago)

ass sexy

Fan Feedback

Thanks 4 checkin us out! We did the same and HOLY COW you guys are so amazing! We listened to your songs over and over. It was delicious ear candy! the Pete's hey bro, thx for breaking the ice for me. Keep making unique music man, that's happenin jewels daddyo Brannon Bates dig your music. love, wail country You guys rock man....that's cool that you record "remotely". Seven Stories Falling Hey! you guys have a Great sound...will Gladly add you! Keep up the Excellent work. Southern Privilege I had a listen to your tunes. It is so nice to hear *real* vocals on new music! A lot of music gets spoiled these days by bad vocalists. Keep up the excellent work. Tower Hi again Blades, Had a chance to listen to your tunes - great stuff, man!!! Elliott Randall Wow, good music! I'm so use to everyone we encounter being screamo/emo/hardcore, whatever the heck they're calling themselves today. Love the tunes! Linger I like your Music...it's awesome Bro! ~Mitch~ from Stage 3-1

Good day everyone

I wanted first to say thanks to all of you who have stopped by, secondly I wanted some input from you. We make the music but we'd like to know which songs you liked best,this will help us decide which songs to put out there and what might work for us in the future. THX again

captincronic  (over 10 years ago)

hey I'm liking that new tune "let go"more edge than the last new song, I like it!

Zuleika  (almost 10 years ago)

I like the song We gotta do somethin' =)