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New Album In The Works

The new War On Hollywood album, 'Live Free Or Die', is currently in the works and will be finished soon. Several tracks have already been completed and added to the Reverbnation player, including; Drinking King, Just Walk Away and Enemy. Stay tuned!

New Book by Doc Synizter

The new book: I Am Rock A Metal State of Mind by Doc Synizter A look at the rock n' roll and heavy metal lifestyle of suburban youth during the late 1980s by someone who was actually there and lived it. There is more to rock n' roll than loud guitars, screaming vocals, thundering drums and roaring crowds. Rock n' roll is an inherent state of mind that begins before, and extends far beyond, the edge of the stage, Prepare to embark on a journey through the bizarre world of the heavy metal suburbia of the late 1980s, when hair bands ruled and the party never stopped. A world of sex, drugs and rock n' roll. A world where nearly freezing to death, catching on fire, wild pig attacks, shooting at refrigerators, sleeping in garbage cans, demonic possession and sex with strippers meant the party was just getting started. A world where aspiring musicians invoked mayhem with their alcohol induced delusions and being in a band meant something. A world filled with car crashes, guns, cigarettes and anarchy. A world with a metal state of mind. https://www.createspace.com/4978373

War On Hollywood Debut CD

The debut self titled CD from War On Hollywood is officially finished and ready for release/production! We will have pre-production run advance copies for sale at all of our shows/appearances so be sure to get one while supplies last!