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Greetings! I am Dj Todd Bladz, I 6 year veteran in the radio broadcasting industry. I am putting together a mix cd/ mp3 download that will be narrated by me in effort to promote artist of hip hop, reggae, pop, gospel, r&b, neo-soul and alternative. This mix cd is free to join and free to receive a copy of to do what artist wants with. I only ask that all music submissions be industry standard mixed and mastered or it will be rejected. All participants will receive a final mp3 along with artwork to press their own copies and do as they wish with it. I strongly urge you to give them away or sell them to promote your self because you are do that another artist will be doing the same but in a different state and country. This project is to help promote everyone in a stress economy where it is hard to afford to promote music. If you have question pleases contact me at 513-374-1816 or email me at therawfusionshow@yahoo.com for more details. This is now game please be sure to copyright all your material and send me a bio along with links and pics so it can be placed on the website that will be built for this project.


Todd Bladz

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