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Ok I'm looking for an opinion yes even the the ones I don't want to hear. Here's my dilemma I'm trying to sell my music but music sales suck to put it bluntly but I still want to raise money because I have more material that I would like to record and release for the world and for my personal passion. So here's where the opinion comes in should I start another Kickstarter campaign?

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Please help Craig/Revolution Breeze raise funds to finish production of the upcoming debut album... Craig/Revolution Breeze & Friends http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1535108651/craig-revolution-breeze-and-friends-debut-album?ref=email

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Music Video in the making

PLEASE READ... A project of mine called Kickstarter is in need of Donations/Funding/Support. it works like this, we are trying to reach our Goal of 5,000 Dollars in 26 Days... if you give anything and we don't reach our goal ANY DONATIONS will NOT be charged to your accounts...so all Donations will be used for OUR purpose! This project is about HELPING PEOPLE around the WORLD! This is a Dream for me and I,m trying to make it Real with God's help and yours...If you can Give ANYTHING please do so and if you can't its all COOL too... Keep us in your Prayers as I will for you!... Below is a link Please Help us and read the Details for we all know "A little bit of Good goes a long Way" http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1535108651/a-little-bit-of-good-goes-a-long-way-video

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