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Warp Tour 2014

Masses Beware played the WARP TOUR!!! They Rock the House!!!

News Update Masses Beware

Getting ready for our show at the Rutledge on the 20th of Jan ! Getting our New album mixed and planning a new video stay tune!!!!

News Update Masses Beware

We are in Nashville, TN all this week finishing up our album, music video(s) and taking band photos. It is going to be a very busy week, we are putting some major time all this week, trying to get this album as close to mind blowing as possible. In the coming weeks be looking for new updates that will include a tour, contest, show information, and possible some good news from some labels. –Behemoth

New updates

We are looking forward to going back to Nashville, TN it is such a great place to be. What lies on the other side for us is a completed project, a music video and a great time. We look forward to seeing everyone there. And last but not least be looking for our soon to be East Coast tour in the works.