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Any Bebo fans out there?

So we just re-discovered our old bebo from Nov 06 (http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=2653884524&TUUID=d28128a3-1238-4391-8ab9-ac813c0bb9e7). Yes loooong time ago! and there are tons of cool fanpages on the community just check this out: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=3862111455&TUUID=d28128a3-1238-4391-8ab9-ac813c0bb9e7 http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=3850869643&TUUID=d28128a3-1238-4391-8ab9-ac813c0bb9e7 http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=4272974470&TUUID=d28128a3-1238-4391-8ab9-ac813c0bb9e7 http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=8938296526&TUUID=d28128a3-1238-4391-8ab9-ac813c0bb9e7

Rolling Rolling Back Back To DETORIT! (Old blog post)

"Hey. WHATS UP! as you all know or actually might not know were currrrently in L.A. cali. We all have been here for a good while recording and writing music for all of our amazing fans to hear!... but .. the time has come and were moving back to detroit. our roots. the ghetto. the realest mother fuckking place on earth. BOO YA! Annnywaysss... Just wanted to updtae you guys on that. we will be out there practicing and geting our live shows together. we will also be video taping us just hanging out partying all around DETROIT (bars, our crib, cool friends, or just outside pissing in the snow) and posting up clips every week starting next month so you guys can see what its like to be us and see what we do! well.. thats all for now. as soon as we have anything new to share with you we will be posting soon! PORCELAIN AND THE TRAMPS"

Trig it. (Old blog post)

"We joined a new site called trig.com. It's run by wicked cool people, and it's all about showcasing artists for their talent .

Not to mention you get players on your page with entire playlists you create yourself, and bands like us are not limited to only four songs we can offer you, like we are on this site.

No sparkly .gifs, no spam, no friend whores, no retards who flood your comment space with crap, no bulletins begging for attention, no fake profiles- its the straight shit . You like something, you trig it. That's how it works. So get on it- and if you're lucky, we'll trig you. http://trig.com/porcelainandthetramps Come say hi,add your fave songs we don't have up here and keep slaying those dragons"

"The Master Cleanser" (Old blog post)

"Hey everyone this is porcelain .... so.... me snake and rocko are doing this thing called "THE MASTER CLEANSER" ... its reallyyy good for you. it flushes all the impurities from doing drugs and drinking and any kind of block up out of your body... it pretty much makes you have the body of a new born baby cuz at the end of the process your as pure as it gets. ANYWAYS... if you wanna read more on it.. they have a book on it at whole foods grocery store... so u have to drink 6 bottles of water with half a lemmon 2 tablespoon of organic maple syrup and 7 drops of this liquid pepper shit in each bottle. anyways .. its pretty much like drinking 6 lemonades a day.. but thats all u can have ... and water.. but THATS IT... I AM FUCKING STARVING. i cant wait for these 11 days to be OVER!... hey .. at least im being healthy.... rocko started a couple days ago and me and snnake started today... so last night we went to taco bell and each got a taco an extra large pop a burito chicken quesdillas and than went to mc donalds and got large french fries friend chicken finger ranch wraps and milkshakes... we ate enough food for the whole week. hahah FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD. I WANT FUCKING FOOOOOOOOOOD."


We just posted our songs to get more information: http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/discographie-groupe-Porcelain_And_The_Tramps-type-Albums-l-en.html