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Shows, house parties and kegs

Sharpy here. Having a couple of days off in Daytona Beach was nice until we recieved the news that our show in Gainesville had fallen through. We were all pretty pretty bummed about it until we got a msg saying us and Stop The Presses are playing a University Of Florida house party! It was everything the movies portayed college parties as in the 90's. 2 ska bands, kegs upon kegs off beer, red cups, punch and a shit load of people. There was the biggest game of beer pong i had ever seen and some random dude dressed as a horse. Both bands got a grear reception. Litterly at the end of our set the cops came to tell us to stop playing. We got to party for about an hour before the cops came back and shut the party down. Again it was exactly how it was in the movies. Wild party and a wild show. Big shout out to Jose for letting us play his "Get Ignorant" Gators party! Im so glad we got to experience a real American college party. Happy days! The next day we headed to Tallahassee for the last show with the amazing Stop The Presses from Miami. We had a big bbq and some beers with them. We also showed them the Australian movie "Kenny". Im not 100% the understood all the Aussie humor but they were laughing most of the movie. Good day. We headed to the venue and all bands played an awesome show. The first band used old game boys and nintendo consoles as instruments. After the show we also bought/swapped each others merch. I got bought the biggest can of beer i have ever seen. We got a group photo with both bands, said our goodbyes :( and headed to Duram for another last minute house show and stayed with the amazing Jack and Katey! Another wild house party show! Thank you for having us!! Last night we played in Baltimore with new friends Survey Says from New Jersey and Save The Swim Team from Orange County, CA. A massive thank you to Rachel for putting the show on, letting 3 ska bands stay at her house and feeding all of us! Thank you!! Right now, we are in a brass shop in New Jersey trombone shopping for Leda! Playing NJ tonight!

kindess of strangers

Steve here...Firat day off in awhile after some hot Florida shows...last night at Tir na Nog in Daytona was a huge surprise. This beautiful Irish pub had the best beer selection I have ever seen including OLD RASPUTINS RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT on tap! Folks rolled in late but were very appreciative and bought lots of merch and our hosts at Tir na Nog let us handpick 7 premium beers for travelers..I had a Three Philosophers from Ommegang brewing...a quadruple ale with lots of flavour and body. .. for Jez I picked the Beezlebub a 13% beer that packed am elegant punch..Leda and Stace had Unibrau beers from Quebec. ..Leda the Maudite and Stace the Fin de Monde...John had the Newcastle Bombshell. ..Sharpy the Hebrew Ale..and Francis had a Belgian style raspberry lambic... we will be returning to Tir na nog for an encore performance tomorrow night and can't wait to try more beers and meet more fine Daytona folks... highlight of the day/night off was meeting Gentle Ben at the picnic table at our hotel. ..he pulled out a 1.75 litre bottle of Bushmills, a bottle of Drambuie, a bottle of Chatreuse and more. ..the kindness of strangers keeps The Resignators on the road in style!

Blog Dogs Ramble

Stacy here, my turn to be Blog Dog on the Road. Moving out of the comforts of home provided by The Douglas family base camp of Fort Myers Florida makes me feel so lucky to have family in both the north and south hemispheres. Crossing the Caloosahatchee River I'm feeling a little heavy hearted to say bye to Steve's beaut family but Im still buzzing from getting back at 6am via the Everglades from a Miami gig with the awesome band Stop the Presses. Ali Culotta and her crew packed a punch with sugar on top the other night at Cape Coral. Glad to meet another gal who has fine taste in not only keyboards (a Nord Electro 3 of course) but shoes as well, studded heels, yay brilliant! I'll definitely have to pick up my game at the next gig and wear my Black Cherry Demonia heels. We rolled into St Petersburg Florida to play at the Local 662 bar. Ariel the merch man from Stop the Presses was wandering out on the streets of St Petersburg spruiking the show on stilts while Steve and I chowed down on some Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese mmmmmm. Local St Petes band Victims of Circumstance are very cool boys with big rigs, great songs and very nice graphics. I have joined the Fight Against Bulging Midriffs I am the ubiquitous watchdog on sugar. Yeah good luck with this you might say but I'm trying so hard. A small bottle of cranberry juice had 71g of sugar in it! Thats at least a third of a cup. Yeah right, oh well....there's always tomorrow cos Key Lime Pie is still my total downfall. The next destination was Wills Pub in Orlando great craft beer list including Orkney Skull Splitter Green Flash Hop Head Red Cigar City Pacific Jade Terrapin Rye Paleale Orange Blossom Pilsner. And more. Here the barman cooks wonderful free tacos during happy hour. Yay! Equal to the prolific beers was the number of bands playing at Will's. 5 rocking bands Dog, DNA, Yugoskavia. Stop the Presses and us. Now we've just landed in Daytona to play at Tir na nOg, Land of Eternal Youth provided by the bottomless Glass of froth and bubble of course. Mmm might get a nice dark beer tonight top up my iron levels.

Shit! How long has it been since the last post?

The ingredients to a good night: Playing music, drinking beer and throwing machettes at a tree. And that's exactly what we did after the Marrietta show. Thanks to the guys and their sweet landlord for putting us up.

Florida, the sunshine state, greeted us with the tail end of tropical storm Andrea. Our first FL show was at the Burro bar, Jacksonville as part of the 'Art Walk' festivities. Thanks for a great turn out, it nice to get to know y'all. Big cheers to Jimmy and Katie and their fantabulous Party Pallette. Big thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas for some excellent hospitality, and some overly full stomachs. Rack'em Billiards held some surprises. Three of the best bands we've played with this tour were keen to get the crowd dancing. The last minute addition to the line-up was The Whole Tones, lacking a drummer and with the addition of a trumpeter on a few tunes, they were still a first class act. we're looking forward to playing the next couple of shows with Stop The Presses. Last nights show at Bougainvias was a success, great crowd and groovy bohemian atmosphere. Till next time, adios amigos, and keep smiling.

Thanks Durham!

Three super fun shows down... Three months to go. America so far has been a blast!! On the down side being only 18 means John and I are not of the legal age to consume alcohol. (again!). Each bar gives us a big, black underage texter crosses on both hands... But aside from that, America seems to be the home great thrift stores! I am now in possession of some white and red striped overalls that say 'rock n' roll' on the front in colourful block letters. Last night the Resignators played in Durham where the crowd were definitly the best dancers so far! We played with the talented and fun Sibanac (spot the drug). And a big thankyou to Jack, for letting us stay in his lovely home! Tonight we enter the state of Georgia... Cant wait! Over and out, Leda x

2 shows rocked and rolled

So, our first two shows of tour are down for the count, smacked a couple of good ones by us. Fantastic reception from a great Richmond crowd, made all the more enthusiastic by Steve's hometown advantage. Our wonderful hosts (cheers Holly and Julia) looked after us wonderfully, and our orientation week for the university of USA all but complete with a trip to Mojo's bar last night after our gig at the 'broad appetite' festival for Philly cheese steak and very reasonably priced Pabst blue ribbon (cheers Freeman). Everyone got their shipping needs out of the way early too. I've got myself a lovely new pair of Red Wing boots and some new sneakers,.a couple of pairs of Dickies shorts and a box of krispy kremes donuts. 12 to be more precise. Chocolate custard is my tip if you get the chance. We're on the freeway as I write this, speeding (figuratively not literally, we'd never do that) towards Durham for our next show at the Pinhook. Goodbye Virginia, hello North Carolina!

Day One Down in Flames world tour

The Resignators are back in the USA to play shows for the first time since 2009's Offbeat Time tour, a tour that included shows at SXSW and a Canadian tour with the ever amazing Creepshow.

There was no hype or farewell show for this 'World' tour due in part to Sharpy's shoulder injury and also the Down in Flames Australian tour with Jobstopper finishing only weeks before half the band were due to arrive on the east coast of the USA but now all The Resignators have arrived.

After the non optional trip to wallmart to pick up essentials including new Dickies shorts, tee shirts, thongs (flip flops), sim cards and a lb of south weastern style chicken wings it was time for our first, and only, rehearsal before the tour kicks off in Steve's home town of Richmond, Virginia tonight.

Overall it was a solid rehearsal the highlight being the introduction of Steve's new Reverend guitar and Johy Boy's new Reverend bass which arrived from the Reverend factory in Detroit as a part of an endorcement deal which was organised earlier in the year with help from Bucket of Toasters fame...

From there Steve, Jezz and I ventured to the local public radio station to help promote both the new CD and the up coming show.

This interview turned out to be a bit like 'Steve Douglas this is your life' with the presenter playing tracks from bands Steve had played with including Death Piggy, Mudhelmut, Log and ofcorse GWAR. Fans of Steve were calling in and asking about Steve's involvement in the Richmond scene over the past 20 years.... and... they played some of The Resignators stuff too... Jezz and I even got to speak! BUT seriously it was really interesting to hear about Steve's contribution to the Richmond scene.

Now it's time to tour... the van we purchased here two years ago has been serviced and ready to go, The Resignators are in form and this is a tour not to be missed... see you on the road


smoking in clubs is not cool

I respect people's right to choose, hell, I say legalize everything, but when your actions start affecting others then a line needs to be drawn...

There are clubs here in Europe where you are allowed, encouraged in fact, to smoke inside the club while the band is playing... The Resignators have only one smoker in the band and we're not used to the smokey environment so in Chemitz last night I had to stop the show half way because I couldn't breath, my eyes stung with smoke and I just couldn't sing (some would say that this is true all the time)... So we took 10 min in a vein hope that the room would clear... it didn't... well I got to get used to these poorly vented smokey rooms... there's going to be more!!!

Loving this tour, amazing people, amazing sights and The Resignators are rocking Europe to it's foundations! need some love from home though... drop us a line...

The Captain

The Resignators
The Resignators  (about 5 years ago)

fortunately we have 3 outdoor festivals coming up this weekend :) but Francis was right, even as a pack a day smoker I was choked and poor Stacy has sore lungs from last night too...we would never be able to have our young kiddy fans out in Australia without the smoking in pubs ban...smoke outside like I do!

Erfurt all night dance party!

We just finished our early (1pm) set at Mighty Sounds in the Czech Republic, but we are all stilll reeling from the great reception at Ilvers Music Bar in Erfurt, Germany. It was the end of the year party so the bar was selling drinks all night for 1.8 € so the crowd was huge, venue packed out! Florian, the owner, treated us with great care, dinner was Currywurst, all we could drink all night, and great clean rooms above the club. After the show the band danced with the locals to DJ Atze who spun all 7" vinyls- soul, ska, punk, a bit of everything. Wait til you see the footage of the dance party! Erik was ruling the floor with a big crew of cute girls. The place kind of reminded me of a cross between our house parties and Horvats, we really felt at home! to bed at 3am and up and driving at 5 am, but we made our Mighty Sounds call with hours to spare! more later.....Steve xoxo

Run Ressies Run

There's no time like the present, especially as we zoom around this amazing European countryside in a big ass black Merc van with the pack of maniacs that we are.

I'm loving the traveling speed, 150 ks on the autobahn, an injection of racing car diesel, kinda matches the pace of our music which the audiences are loving too.

Strasbourg was an insane looking town with a huge, cathedral in the epicenter of the chaos. It only took 700 years to build starting in 1100 finishing in 1800, constructed from a multi-toned pink and blonde sandstone.

Many of the surrounding buildings used this same stone, and the network of cobblestone streets weaving around the city over canals and down small alleyways captivated my imagination, especially as we all did the post gig 4am stumble between early morning bars.

Getting back to the cathedral of Strassbourg, seems appropriate that as soon as I step inside I feel a definite insinuating vibe going on, because its austere and scary and dark and ominous and looming and all I could hear was THOU SHALT NOT! Well, none of us are adhering to that, the drinks are flowing, the music is roaring, the peeps are cool to hang out with in each town, so what I say is RUN RESSIES RUN!