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Imagine how much cooler it will be when Summer gets here! I can't wait for all the summer adventures I'll be having out in LA this summer. I'm going out to write, record, have meetings, network, and grow as an artist. If you're in the Hollywood area, be looking for me, Mary-Grace Williams, this coming June and July. See you there! :)

Fall 2013

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer of relaxing and vacationing! But now that fall is here, it's time to get back to business. I have been writing, writing, and guess what! Writing! Almost everyday and I've come into my grasp lots of content- songs. From here, my goal is to record these songs by Christmas and then from there release them to my fan club fans and then to the public. However, I need the funds to produce this product first. If you guys would like to help out my project, download the "My Tip Jar" app in the app store on your iphone or android, make an account and look me up under "Mary-Grace Williams." I hope to have new music coming you guys' way soon! Thank you all so much and have a wonderful October :) -Mary-Grace Williams

Spring Shows

March is almost upon us and Winter is almost over. I love spring and I wanna share all the spring fever with you guys. To get in the season, I'm starting out the year with shows in March at Opry Mills, in Nashville TN, The first show being on March 1st. Other shows include ones on the 8th, 16th and 23rd, all from 7:00-8:00. I've also got some shows going on in L.A. in early April so look for posts from me so you guys can check me out on the west coast! Don't forget to keep checking out my Facebook page: marygracewilliamsmusic, follow me on twitter @mawwygwace or watch my videos on youtube.com. Thanks for reading guys and Happy Spring :) -Mary-Grace Williams

More from Mary-Grace Williams

Hey guys. This being my first blog entry I'd like to tell everyone that I'm so excited to be on reverbnation! I'm a new, aspiring new artist that has grown up close to Nashville. I've lived in Murfreesboro my whole life and i love the great state of Tennessee! You can check out more about me on my info page. also you can creep around to find links to my other social media sites and to hear me sing or perform, check out youtube.com/marygracewilliams. Expect more from me soon! Thanks and have an awesome day :)