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Well, it did rain, but we had a party anyway! The house was rockin...the crowd stayed with us the whole night. We had so much fun, can't wait to return on July 6th.

First night out

Truly, its not our first gig, since that was at the Clean Air gig for the Hillsborough County EPA. It is the first night in a club setting for Deb and I, without using and digital help ( other than the Loop Station) ie. Chuck the Computer. Had a great quick rehearsal tonight, tomorrow night is going to be a blast. Wish you could all be there with us.

Our First Gig

Well, our first gig looks like it may be rather wet! We are scheduled to play outback at San Ann Liquors on Fri night, but there is a 70% chance of rain....which might keep the crowd down. We will be under cover and the gig will probably go on..we hope. Come see us if you can!

New site

Getting the new site up and running, cant wait for June 22, Outback at Ralphs (aka San Ann Liquors). We have a few tunes in the works. Gonna be a rockin nite!