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Song Background

Bend: This song is a love-affair gone awry. It is the brutal confession of what can pass for love or what can pass for manipulation. The gray honesty between the black and white.

Call Me Betty: One of my favorite songwriters of all time is Paul Simon. His songs paint such a vivid, meaningful picture for me. And they do it in such an indirect way. He always declines to explain what his songs are "about" when pressed. He knows that every song holds an important meaning for each listener and her seems reluctant to take that away by assigning his own meaning. This song comes from my experience with his song "You Can Call Me Al". I am very intrigued by the person referred to in the song as Betty. Al wants her to be his bodyguard. He wants her to call him and, when she calls him, to call him Al. Who is Betty? Is she waiting for Al? Why? What is Al looking for?

Mercury: Mercury is so many things. Mercury is a small, volatile planet. Mercury is a unique element: a metal that is liquid at room temperature, flows like lava, expands in the heat, and is a powerful neurotoxin. And Mercury is a car. Mercury can drive you mad or it can drive you away.

I Don't Know: This song is about being a Gemini. About trying to protect yourself by controlling which face you show to the world. About guarding between what you give away and what you keep for yourself. And not always succeeding.

Reckoning: This is the musical equivalent of stamping your feet and saying "you're not the boss of me." It's about owning your own mistakes and your own power. It is very, very fun to perform live. ;)

Pretty Falling: This song is about the cold shock of a love not realized. Trying to make sense of a broken heart. But a heart that was never fully given. A heart that tried to protect itself by holding back but left itself vulnerable in the process.