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Thinking is slow! Motion is fast! By Marvin "Bugalu" Smith

Thinking is slow! Motion is fast! By Marvin "Bugalu" Smith Now students always ask me “Bugalu? How do you play so effortlessly? Well the answer is to keep your mind out of the mix and use your motion, which includes body movements. Okay, if you’re still not clear on how to do this, then read the following: I developed this when I studied with Elvin Jones back in 1970’s. First, let’s look at the mind for a moment. “The mind wants to know where everything is on the bandstand and the mind likes to worry a lot.” maybe you can understand this by thinking of what happens to your playing on the bandstand when you start to worry. One of the things that happens is you get tense and you tighten up, this happens in your body movement. Worrying about things like did I practice right. This kind of worry slows your playing down to a stand still. This is what the mind does to you on the bandstand making you not enjoy playing the moment. Now motion on the other hand, depends on the moment in time, and the flow of time. Moving like this is worry free, helping you to enjoy playing the music more. So from now on remember that....... "Thinking is slow! Motion is fast."

david john williams
david john williams  (about 5 years ago)

great article marvin,from now on i'll be moving a lot more to improve the flow of energy.Thanks.