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This Just In!

Well, the time is finally upon us, and WE. ARE. PSYCHED!! We are happy to report that we just released the track "Born Wild" off of our upcoming EP "Lost & Found"! Really hope that you guys (and ladies) enjoy it!

- EveryDay but Friday

The Anticipation...it kills us

Hey friends and friendettes!

Our EP release is getting so close that we can taste it...well, not literally, that it. We aren't even really sure what a digital music file would taste like exactly. Maybe burnt popcorn or something? Anyway, We are really excited to share some of our new music with you guys. In the mean time, be sure to check out the new upcoming shows that we have! If you're in or around the Birmingham area, you won't want to miss them!


Lost and Found [EP] Coming Soon!

Hey guys and gals!

We here at EDF are getting all hyped up about our new EP "Lost and Found" and we hope you are too! Last we heard, it should be out sometime in April, but they never tell us anything. We need some suggestions for our next shows (both in state and out), so if you know of a great venue or band in your area that we'd sound good with, then please, please, please let us know!

Love you all,

- EveryDay but Friday