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Summer '15 plans?!?!

If you've been paying attention to my social media over the last few weeks, you'll have noticed that I haven't been as active as usual. That's because I've been EXTREMELY busy with school projects and internship-hunting and basically getting ready for the summer. But guess what?! I'll be completely done by the end of this week which means I'll be able to get back to music!!

In one week I should FINALLY be able to get back into the studio to finish tracking the new EP (which should have happened a while ago) and I'm hoping to completely finish up and polish off all of the songs by the end of the month and then film and release a music video by the end of next month. These plans are subject to change of course, but I'm confident now that they will be reality! I'm praying to be able to release the EP by late July/early August. As I said before, this EP will play a lot more on my alternative/punk/singer-songwriter influences than my past one.

If you're anywhere near Seaside Heights NJ, you should also come out to my show at the Jersey Shore Festival on May 16th at Jimbo's (2:15 pm). I'd love to meet you there!! I'm going to get together a couple of surprises for that set so you don't want to miss it. I'm also in the process of booking some more shows for the summer so bear with me :)

Let me know if you have any questions for a Q&A video! A little while ago I posted on Twitter asking for questions and I got a few (those will still be answered), and I'm still collecting them. As soon as I'm back home at the end of the week I'm going to get started on making that video for you all :)

If you're not on the mailing list, you totally should sign up so that you don't miss anything this summer. You can enter in your email address on the homepage of my website!

Thanks guys, and I hope to see you/hear from you this summer. Thanks for all the support :)

- Kelly

2014 Was The Best Year

I'm officially done with everything I had planned musically this year, and I just wanted to say thank you. 2014 has been my best year so far and I couldn't have done it without you. The release of my debut EP would have been a complete and utter failure if you guys haven't given the time to listen to it and give me a chance. And for that, you guys are the best. I have so many things planned for 2015, starting with finishing this NEW EP, which is going to be so much better on so many levels and I seriously cannot wait. I KNOW that it will open even more doors than the first one did. And I hope that I'm able to play even more shows this year and really work harder than I ever have in the past to get my music out there. All I ask is that you guys stay by me, because without you I won't be able to do it. Thank you guys once again, stay awesome. - Kelly

Not Sleeping Yet...

It's about 3 in the morning right now and I don't want to go to sleep yet. Tonight I was in the presence of so many talented people and so many wonderful industry professionals that I absolutely could not wrap my head around it. The New York Dream Night Talent Search was an incredible experience and I learned so much from it. I want to thank everyone involved in putting the event together from the bottom of my heart, because I wouldn't have been able to have this experience if it weren't for them. Though I did not win, I finished within the Top 20 out of over 1,200 submissions for the contest, which is still an accomplishment. I am even more excited now for the future of where my music goes next than I was before. I am ready to put my all into it and to do whatever it takes to make this dream a reality.

Two Weeks Of Summer Left

All of my summer shows are now finished, and I am actually really sad about it. I had a blast performing at so many different places this summer, and I learned so much from it. Next summer I plan on doing even more! There are only about 1.5 weeks left in my summer and I am doing so much with them. I have plans to finally film the music video for "My Own Contradiction" this weekend and then I'm in the studio for three straight days continuing work on the next EP. Right after that I'll be back at school and thus based in State College, PA again for the next several months. I will still be doing as much as I can even when summer is over, so stay tuned! :) - Kelly

Summer '14: Setting Full Force Into Music!

It is now summertime and it is time to set full force into music! I currently have 9 shows listed on my website for the summer, including one in New York City and one in Philadelphia (with one summer show already behind us) so if you can make it to one of them, I would love to see you there and meet you! You will be able to buy a copy of my EP at mostly all shows I am playing at and I can sign it for you if you want me to. Thank you to everyone who made it to my first show of the season at Radiant in Nutley, and congrats to A Boy Named John on their EP release. It was an awesome night filled with huge talent!

I am SO excited to be playing all of these shows, meeting new people and to be getting the word out about the new EP. Not only that but I will most likely also be jumping into the studio again to continue work on my next EP, to be released whenever it is ready. Also, continue to stay tuned for a music video for "My Own Contradiction" !

This is about to be the hugest music-filled summer I've ever had in my life, and I couldn't be more excited. Things are finally starting to pick up for me, and I hope you stay with me in this journey :)

- Kelly

Post EP Release: Moving Forward

So the EP "Cold Reality" is now out and has gotten nothing but great feedback since. Thank you to everyone who has already listened to it, downloaded it, and shared it with their friends! I appreciate it more than anything! So what's next? Promotion, promotion, promotion! The release of this EP can't be a total success unless I get help from everyone.. I can't do it alone! I need as many people as possible who enjoy the album to share it with their friends and to encourage them to do the same thing. No musician has ever been able to succeed by doing all of the promotion themselves.

As for future plans, I am working on getting a string of summer shows together and to get reviews of the EP done. I am also in talks of getting a music video for "My Own Contradiction" done early summer. Some studio time for the next EP is possible as well.

Thank you everyone for your help and support! You really have NO IDEA how much I appreciate it.

- Kelly


I am super proud and excited to announce that my first EP is finally being released on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Bandcamp, Spotify and many other places on April 1st! It is going to have the two songs I already have out, plus two songs that I have recently recorded with Brandon Zemel of Greystone Studios. The songs came out incredible and I can't wait for you to hear them! The album as a whole is rather poppy (according to my standards) since 3/4 of the songs were written when I was 16 and 17 years old; but nonetheless it is still Pop/Rock all around and I know everyone will find something to enjoy on it. The track list is as follows: 1. A Hand I Cannot Reach 2. I'll Move On 3. Make Me Believe 4. My Own Contradiction (feat. Brandon Zemel)

Thank you to Perry Montauredes for producing the first two tracks, to Brandon Zemel for producing the second two, to Griffin Boustany for the photography for the album and to Eric Vita for the cover artwork!

Also thank you to everyone else, family and friends. I appreciate your support to no end and hope I continue to have it. Thanks for being with me on this journey; now we start a new one.

- Kelly

New Year, New Journey; "Cold Reality"

The beginning of 2014 has already gotten me started on the next phase of my music career. The first EP, which will be called "Cold Reality," is now finished being tracked and the final two songs are in the mixing and mastering process. After finishing that, I then had another session in Philadelphia with Fresh Produce Studios and the first 2 of 6 songs on the "Breaking Barriers" EP are now officially finished being tracked. I also managed to get the first cover of the year up on YouTube, which will be followed by more very soon. It is possible that I may be playing my first show of the year very soon as well. All of this has already happened, and in addition a whole outline of things to come just before and after the release of the "Cold Reality" EP has been determined.

I am extremely excited to be releasing my first album. It is 4 tracks long; it features my two singles that are already out, "A Hand I Cannot Reach" and "I'll Move On," as well as two other songs, "Make Me Believe" and "My Own Contradiction." Each song has its own distinct flavor; they all are very different from each other. The first three songs were written while I was 16 and 17 and so have a slightly different, more simplistic appeal than "My Own Contradiction," which is my latest song and is more thematically complex. MOC will serve as a bridge between the musical styles of "Cold Reality" and "Breaking Barriers"; the latter will be much more raw and full of angst.

I do not have a release date for "Cold Reality" just yet; but rest assured that I will be announcing one VERY soon.


Slight Change of Plans

Thanksgiving break has led me in a new direction with plans for my music. Since money is such a serious issue for getting my EP done, I spent a few days recording a new song with my friend Brandon Zemel of Greystone Studios. I was thinking of making this another new single to tide people over until the album is done but I decided that I would rather have an EP than a whole mess of singles... So I am toying around with the idea of bringing this new song onto an EP with my two singles that are already released, and POSSIBLY another new song if I can manage to get one recorded soon. The new song that I have recorded is very different from my other songs artistically, but the theme is similar enough to seamlessly fit in with them on the same album.

I am not abandoning "Breaking Barriers" as a project by any means. It will simply have to be finished and released at another time.

I am always up for playing shows around the State College PA area when at school or around the Tri-state area when at home, and for making YouTube covers. Please contact me if you need me for a show or if you have a request. Thank you!


Summer In Review

This has been a great summer! I am now getting ready to head back to school but I will still continue music while I am there as always. This summer I was invited to play a few great and fun shows around New Jersey, got AHICR on regular rotation on a couple internet radio stations, started work on my debut EP with Fresh Produce Studios in Philadelphia and had an awesome photo shoot with my great friend Anna Anakhasyan. I had so much fun and wanted to say thanks to everyone who was involved and who has been watching from the sidelines!

Unfortunately the music video shooting for "A Hand I Cannot Reach" had to be postponed to a later date because of time issues, and the EP couldn't yet be finished because of money issues. Also two collaborations had to be postponed also due to money and time issues. However, these will still be taken care of, just a bit later on down the road... Hang in there!

I will continue to keep you updated on what happens! Once the EP is finished big things will be happening!