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Brand new music from Some Kosher Yuppy



Some Kosher Yuppy is promoting his new EP "My Dubstep Experience" He just had a show @ Rachel's in Orlando and it was an outstanding show. For booking SKY, you can call 321-287-7733 @ South Coast Records

SKY hits WIRED-RADIO next Saturday from 1-4


Some Kosher Yuppy starts new project.

SKY is back in the lab with Stupid Genius as they begin recording "The Rebel's Reason"

SomeKosher Yuppy

South Coast Records adds Some Kosher Yuppy (SKY) to its roster.

SKY is part of an ever growing wave of young MC's like MGK, WIZ, and School Boy Q whose delivery is fresh, full of energy and Swagged out. Joining forces with dope producer Stupid Genius, SKY's debut EP will be called "My Dub Step Experience"; the title says it all. It's Dub Step, but with mad flow over it.

Some Kosher Yuppy aka Larry Poynter III was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His 1st interaction with music was through his father Larry Poynter Jr., aka LA LUV, who at the time was a HIP HOP artist himself. He came to live with his father at the age of 9 in Orlando, Florida.