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Whats Wrong With Black America ??

It's crazy how superficial society is 2day in the black community. It's all about money & MOST black people I know, live pay check to pay check, if they even have a job. They value shoes, clothes, designer bags, cars, phones, and anything that "the in thing". Instead of the things that should matter most and that are priceless, like family, love, education, religion, culture, self respect, loyalty, integrity, ect. You would think that in 2013 with a Black American President that Black Americans would of made progress instead of regressed. 2days Hip Hop is destroying its own communities with this superficial message. Tell me, how much is your husband worth or what price would you put on your kids and their health and education. It all starts at home, not at 106 & Park. The parents need to take me responsibility, not grandma or grand dad..but the mothers and fathers. These young black kids are suffering and its so visible to see. I think most of these rappers should be charged with treason. Is money more valuable than your wife or husband?? So if you loved me when I was rich, would you not love me when i'm broke? Are you not thankful for life and health? What you wearing this weekend is more important than your kids? Its crazy how we lost our identity so fast. I know we all need money to survive, but at what price and sacrifice. Anyway, tell me what y'all think. Mr. Keyz 3-21-13

Big Sam aka The TicketMan
Big Sam aka The TicketMan  (almost 4 years ago)

I think you wrote this message from the heart and being a black man I fully understand. I sometimes grapple with the same issues and find myself looking to do better. God bless and keep up the good spirit and teach, reach as many as you can. We need pride in the black nation and leaders that care.