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The Bistro Tonight!!! - Hayward

Hey everyone, we are playing The Bistro in downtown Hayward tonight .. Hit the stage at 830, and good times will be had by all. Dance, party, and enjoy the music ... not to mention the atmosphere of a great Friday night!

Scheduling Gigs for Dec NOW!!!

Hot off our playful fun in October, we have booked one gig in December, and likely have more to come. November may be slow (guitars in Kauai for the last part of the month), but one never knows .. life brings with it layers of strange, sometime we only can attempt to fathom.

Who's coming Saturday night!!! Going to be a blast!!!

We are playing the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club Halloween party ... if you want to come out, contact us, as we must have a list of invited persons (private club)... https://halfmoonbayyachtclub.wildapricot.org/event-2246706?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=10/27/2016

Couple Gigs In - HMB Yacht Club Halloween Party NEXT!

Hey everyone, we are a couple gigs into the new lineup, and we are looking and sounding great! If you can, come out this weekend to the Half Moon Bay Yacht club Halloween party .. it should not be missed.

Off The Record --- New Name - New Lineup - Ready to GO!!!

Hey everyone, we are updated and ready to rock everyone!!!! We have a new lineup, and started our first set of gigs last Sat in Half Moon Bay. Can't wait to get out there for everyone else.

Where do you want us to play?!?!?!

Hey everyone .. let us know where you want to see us play ..... We always have ideas, but we would rather hear it from all of you!

Gear up for Spring and Summer

The busy season is coming, and we are looking forward to rockin and partying with everyone ... see you out there!!!!

2015 is here .. time to PARTY!

Hey everyone, we are here and we are ready to enjoy the nights! We start off our season with a Feb gig, and expect to get the spring and summer schedule booked up ..... New Songs, New Mash-Ups, and always a good time out!!!! We will see you all out there

TOP 10 in SF Bay Area Rock!!!

Thanks to everyone, DSP hit TOP 10 status (hitting #9) in the SF Bay Area Rock genre rankings .... LOVE IT!!! and a huge THANK YOU!!! to all our fans, friends, and family!!!!! We'll keep rocking for you all!

Looking for pictures or video....

Hey everyone, anyone have pictures or video from the past couple gigs? Could you send them to us? Especially the really fun ones!!!! They don't even have to be of us, they could just be of all the fun had at the party atmosphere we create!!!!!