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new studio equipmemt

Well we finally brought our recording capabilities from the 1980's and into the late 1990's with new (for us) equipment. All our prior studio recordings were mixed thru a multi-channel analog mixer (in) and (out) the stereo output to the line in on my sound card. So basically 2 track recording studio. It was difficult but I did it, its what you hear with our EP thats posted. So it wasnt too terrible. Well, we now have a Tascam US-1800 multi-channel audio/midi interface that records multi track into my USB ports. SWEET!! Now to learn how to use it.... anyways... should be fun! Once we get this learned we are gonna hit the studio again to bring you more music. We have been fiddlin around writing music and hopefully soon we will have something ready for your consumption. until then, take care and Rock ON!!! Thanks again from Dosren

Dosren Practice LIVE (on tape) and So Many Fans

Want to get the "behind the music" music feel with Dosren? I guess we can periodically post some practice footage. Keep checking back in our videos section for new posts. We dont do them often but that can change.

Also we got notice today that we have hit over 500 fans!! That is so cool. Thanks for paying attention to us and liking the music. Having so many fans not only shows us that you guys like us but also it helps support our ranking on here.

Thanks again everyone for all your support! We do really appreciate it.

Thanks again from Dosren

New Video uploaded!

Dosren has done it again and is stepping it up to give our fans a look at the talent that this group hard working musicians does to make sure you are entertained! The video is our version the old Led Zepelin Classic song Good Times, Bad Times.

New Dosren Video Posted

Check out Dosren's latest video of "I Don't Know" from Ozzy's Blizzard of Ozz album. Also check us out on facebook to get the latest news and show information here at https://www.facebook.com/Dosren

Family comes first

I have to bring some disappointing news today. Dosren will not be playing to support the Rock4Jurel Fundraiser for Suicide Prevention at Bond 007 Oct 12th.

Due to personal reasons, Dosren will be on hiatus for now. There are some issues that have to be resolved before we can continue and it wouldnt be fair to represent such an important cause if we werent playing at 100%. So for the moment we will be bowing out until we can regroup after our family & professional responsibilities get addressed.

We would like to thank Patrick "Rat" Vidal for considering us and Tony Medellin for stepping up and helping us continue for the time we had together. We know that the show will do great without us and we still support the cause.

Thanks goes out to everyone who supported us.

We hope to be back out before too long to rock you out again soon!

Bye for now,

Bob, John and Aaron

We have a show coming up!

June 30th at Retox. We go on at 12:30. HEADLINERS!!