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Netmates we have an ep

Arrrgggghhh, yeah, netmates. We have a couple of various recordings we did on deck and we thought, wy not put together a couple recordings of the same song and make an extedend play release aaarrrrggghhh

On Bandcamp there is now a 3 track audio ep with LIVE radio version and Alternative version of the song. We are also added to this package, a video live from the Rum Room. When we get sales come through, the e-mail sent, will be used to attach a video for you to download, aaarrrrggghhhhh


aaarrrrrrggghhh, thankeeeee netmatiiieeeessss


Afternoon, While we are collecting footage for Pirates in My Sink, another idea Sprung to mind as we wanted to do more video. On our Reverb profile, we have linked the Rum Room version of, Pirates in My Sink. This was the first video done there and the sound was very good. We are now preparing to do more performances in the Rum Room.

We have just recorded Motorcycle Man and see how that turned out. More video will be shot with just me playing guitar The offical video of Pirates in My Sink will be done soon, just want to get my head into the editing processes


Aaaaarrrrrghhhh our next voyage

Evening netmates, well we picked up another person, who happens to be a pirated himself, Darren Coles he goes by. He likes what we did and decided to help us and have a little fun arrrrghhhh. More Pirates in My Sink coming soon, arrrrrrghhhhh

aaarrrgghhhh to set sale you buy arrrghhh

Hello Netmates. We net your pieces of 8 to set sail on our voyage. Two ways of supporting the us, voting for us to help our plite and you can buy the song at bandcamp store at every port, so we do not have to rob and pillage...trying to be honest, but its aaaaaarrdd Thankeeesss netmates aaarrrrrrgghhh!


Funny day in Banbury and after a walk into town i have sat down,

Well, this is a turn up for the books, a music colaboorations, which was not really the intention to start with. but its always the same with music

I know from the world of music, making a big name for the music, is really going to be, so far above our heads we can barely see dellight, but to be honest, stranger things have happened in this world, you can never tell or know

Well as before and after i type this, had lunch and getting my head round another poem based tune. I have dug out( One a CD not with space) my electro tunes from 12 years ago which are still pretty fresh, well some of them are. Various elements will be taken from various songs and used for Tapping. This is going to be spoken work tunes with dark tones. The main influence for this is the KLF, although nothing sampled just the idea of an ambient tunes with spoken work over it.

Thats the plan.......

If nothing fits, it will be back to the acoustic

Athough i do want it to be electric

Back to the 0s and 1s


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