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Frankie's Bar and Grill

We got the pleasure of opening up this one. You could consider opening less worthwhile than headlining in some cases, but whoever opens sets the helps influence the following acts. We love for an awesome band to play before us; It sets the atmosphere as well as the, "bar," so to speak. We appreciate all the energy you guys gave us, and if for whatever reason you weren't able to stick around after us, you missed a hell of a show put on by Berzerka and Harvester! · · · Frankie's was a cool place to be, I have to say. We played outside but still protected from the elements; Nightfall came and you could see the stars without much effort from some seating areas. Inside were Frankie's awesome burgers and your choice of beverage. We were able to bring some of you West with us as well to experience the night with us which made it that much more memorable. Thanks for coming out! · · · We've been enjoying a few days to ourselves as Monday returned and so, too, for so many of us out there the fun ends as well. At least too much fun, anyway! Not to worry, Friday and Saturday'll be back soon and I'm sure plenty of your local bands will be out there plugging away waiting to entertain you. Musicians, or at least the (good) ones we want to play with, want to create an awesome experience for you. · · · If you don't (Buy Merch: T-shirts, koozies, Demos, whatever you can afford, how much or how little, helps the effort and attending shows is always great when you're able) support your local scene then you can just keep hating the radio. :) You'd be amazed at some of the stuff you can hear out there, or how many bands with so much talent never get the first air wave due to a poor foundation. Nobody starts at the head of the pack, "and it's a long way to the top if you want to rock'n'roll," to quote a song.

Since the return from Hiatus

On May 12th we got the chance to play for Noisecoil's CD Release of their album, "Three." You can find them on our page in our Artist Recommendations. A great re-entry gig after quite a while without playing. HTGT was the last gig we played back on December 16th before switching drummers. We found the new guy before a short hiatus caused by the rambling nature that can be a guitar player. At the very least, it was in this case. · · · We had fun, but sadly it seems every time we play Phil Brady's it rains on our parade quite literally. Nothing can ruin a good night's turn out like the weather and/or football, but we were glad to see some of our many friends make it out to see us despite the conditions. Those of you who have spent your time with us locally are quite appreciated and doubly so for those of you who have took the time to find us online. · · · On May 26th we got the chance to destroy North Gate Tavern on Chimes with our brothers from Harvester and Noisecoil. That's right, destroy. You can take a look at some of the shots on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/BeneaththeAshesBrLa), we were happy to have Dig Baton Rouge around to snap some shots of our sweatier portion of the show. I still think my pre-show description that Harvester would light the torch, we would have the honor to carry it, and Noisecoil would set ablaze the Olympic Flame covers the night pretty well. · · · Fun times. Thanks to everyone who's showed their support and we definitely appreciate quality over quantity: Those of you out there 'Liking' us or becoming a fan on here based upon our music (which requires you to play it) are the ones that make the silence between shows, if you could call it that, far more endurable. · · · We're looking forward to this next weekend on Saturday when we will be appearing in Lafayette at Frankie's Burgers with Harvester and Berzerka. Show will be from 10PM - 2AM with a $5 cover charge, it's in our list of shows for more information. If you'll be in the area, look us up!