Last Exit - A tribute to Pearl Jam / Blog


Has anyone noticed how the grunge era bands are flooding the radio as of late? Topping count down, album release charts, and headlining the country's biggest and most attended festivals. Over the past 4-5 years grunge era bands are slowly but surely finding its way to the internet savvy thirty something generation, as the last great "generation" of music. Sure some great bands have come out since then, but no concerted mass movement, affecting the amount of people, an entire generation in fact. Granted everyone has their preference, and in todays music and internet market there are so many bands to choose from. In fact I even like some of the dance and pop music that is coming out (although I am not a fan per se), but grunge seems to span even the fans of all types of music. With the reemergence of some of the grunge era bands, such as the reuniting of Soundgarden, and the newly formed Alice in Chains, as well as a return of the original lineup for Stone Temple Pilots, or the constant presence and advocacy impact of Pearl Jam... these bands haven proven themselves a benchmark of the history of rock and roll, and and constant source of great music.