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Adding Up in a BIG Way

Well, the hits just keep rolling on. 2,663 YT + 1009 + 705 RN= 4377. Nearly 5k hits in 45 days with literally nothing but word of mouth from YOU all. Can't wait to see what happens when we actually put some fire behind this! Seems like people are liking it, so let's keep going. More soon... Thx for ALL.

We're Over 2k!

Our combined hits & views on YouTube & ReverbNation now EXCEEDS 2000! I am humbled and bowled over by your response. We are setting the stage for the next videos in the line-up. The vid for "Hook Up" is being edited as we speak, and "Early Morning Rising" won't be too far behind. I have some special sauce cooking for "Stir Crazy", though it will be a little further down the road. If you haven't subscribed to the YouTube channel yet (Nate Rogers) or become a fan on ReverbNation, please do so at your earliest opportunity. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

It's all up on ReverbNation. Listen while you can! I uploaded it for a contest but it may not all stay for the long-haul. The album is now available on Amazon Music. Once you buy it, please be sure to review it. Thx so much for your unbelievable support!

Birthday Party

Crossing my fingers that the scheduled album release for tomorrow comes true. It's my wife's 21st* birthday and it would just give the day some awesome added meaning. Happy Birthday, Baby Doll. *This claim remains unsubstantiated but seems plausible given her amazing youthful beauty and vitality.

Here It Comes...

Everything that needed to be done to release this record has been finished. A few more days and you'll get to hear the rest of the EP! God willing, the LP won't be too far behind. ;)