Our Tony N, was asked to re-mix a track, Motor cycle Death song, by the Manga Bros as part of the 33 shades of chrome project. You want to hear the result? Follow the link here: https://mangabrosweatnurecords.bandcamp.com/track/mds-arctic-edge-koldum-klakka-mix


‎9pm Wednesday 29th August 2012 (UK time)


The plan is to do an acoustic podcast - the first Passion-Play public performance in years - and it'll be in my living room - oh the irony.. Anyhoo - rehearsals have been going so well that we think the songs stand up well on their own and that an acoustic performance will be a great part to the whole Passion-Play experience. You will be able to watch them live and comment and have an on-line dialogue with them too - the links will be put up on all our accounts - facebook, twitter, reverbnation etc so be sure to grab that link and share the experience.

Song Choice

Oh yeah, so with the re-union happening and everything I had to look at what songs we were going to do for this “big” event of ours. Of course there are the obvious ones, mostly they are right there on the live at the Mainline album which kicked this whole thing off in the first place. But there are more, a lot more infact. To whittle that little lot down to around 10 will be a task, though there are some that I think are best left – others are begging to be replayed, and we are enjoying that, re-learning those old favourites. Sigh! So anyway we did about 4 covers during the four years or so of our existence (Hey that’s one for every year – sad fact). So as encore pieces we are minded to bring in a couple of them too. We did nice versions of Jeepster, Boys Don’t Cry, Hanging On the Telephone and the Jean Genie – we won’t be recording any of them soon but we shall play a couple for definite – I know which ones the boys want to do and I totally go with their choice. Sounds a bit museum piecey but as a statement of where we have sprung from I reckon it’s valid, and let’s remember this is all about us enjoying the moment. So stuff it, we’re going with it Oh you want to know which covers. Well come to the gig and check us out..

But finally - will we do a brand new track? Aha...


Well we had a first band get together last week - was it Monday or Tuesday? Oh my old weary forgetful head!! Oh yeah - where was I? Right so anyway we all met up and decided we should just get together again, that we enjoyed being in this band and couldn't think of anything we'd rather be doing - er!! 'cept well - you know.. :o Anyhoo - rehearsals were set for the following Sunday - the band would get together and re-learn the parts - acoustically... And so we, minus drums, got together and ran through a few of the songs and, Take that chance (first on the list) is one of the most difficult to play - you'd never know it though. But as soon as we played through it just felt soooo good - and as we launched into Let's go crazy it was great - big smiles all round blah blah. Passion-Play are back!!