Drummer and/or Rhythm Guitarist or Bassist

Are you sick of all these damn so called tribute bands? Are you an OG shredder and cannot find anyone with the skill sets to pull of Extreme Metal? I have about 2-3 albums worth of songs; 98% of them are not only challenging; but they have lots of hook and YES; they are originals. I don't believe in stealing other bands songs. I write my own. My last band sold 4 million CD's and I had 3 Hardcore Thrash Metal songs hit top 10 on Billboard and have won numerous awards for my guitar playing. I need players to step out of the children's playground at the park and play some serious original music that absolutely sticks in your head. When other band are playing the same songs they wrote 30 years ago; I am write fresh new material.

Let's do this. Blakenstein

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Blakenstein and Team Mates "The Grace of Bondage" tore it up at Loaded with Hostess: Metal Sanaz