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Change n progress

It's been a crazy journey thru winter to spring, but all our hard work is finally starting to pay off! Our cover band venture is finally getting off the ground, with multiple gigs booked into the summer. We're making nice steady progress on our EP, and filmed our first music video for a lil something special we put together to kick off our YouTube channel. Looking forward to filming many YouTube videos featuring lessons, tips, rig rundowns and more!

Bigger originals shows are on the horizon, including a battle of the bands in July! It's gonna be an exciting summer, can't wait to get out there!

One Step Back...Two Massive Steps Forward

In an unfortunate turn of events we lost our keyboard hopeful who decided that he wasn't quite cut to play music professionally. In a massive step forward we hired Dave Brown from Vermont last week! His work ethic has been great, and his personality fits perfect. The chemistry has been great, and it means that we can really get out there gigging and doing covers soon! It looks like everything is being sped up as well, and there's a decent chance Pete will be doing AME full time in the next month too. It's looking like Rob and Pete will both be shouldering the keyboard parts in the covers till we find the right person, so the ball should be rolling by February! We've got about 25 covers that we've got through, but still have a lot of work to do on ten of those and another 15 tunes to learn...so there's a mountain of work to be done there!

Erik is going to be tracking drums for the EP this Friday still too, so our short term goal of wrapping up hypo and getting the website published around the new year will be a reality as well. Then it's a long winter rehearsing, recording and doing small time gigs till we're ready to bug an agent. Can't wait to come out on the other side in the spring and be a well oiled money making machine!

Keyboard Progress

We've been missing a large part of our sound for close to six months now by not having keys, and while AME as a whole has made great strides in loads of areas, nothing worse than knowing the band is missing out on chances to develop chemistry on and off stage with another member.

Fortunately I'm thinking we've found a guy who will be a great fit for the band, especially as well all grow and develop as players. Its far from official, but I'm getting really excited about where our band is gonna be in another six months to a year from now. Our new goals will be: have our EP done, be out gigging and making loot with covers, and have a full time drummer in the mix. Cross your fingers we get all that done in a year!

AME - Rob

The News with AME

We played our second show at mojo main last night, and it went pretty well! Hopefully we'll be back again soon, we're trying to put together a night of progressive music, maybe mojo main will be interested.

In other news, the search for a permanent member on drums continues, we should be having an audition on drums wednesday.

What happens that night is going to determine what our next move is...but recording is in our near future no matter what! Can't wait to get that demo of hypo finished, and get AME covers off the ground and start making some $$!

AME Fall Mini - Tour

We've got a small three state tour this month coming up! The dates are:

Mojo Main - Newark, DE Sept 30, 9pm The Grape Room - Manayunk, PA Oct 5, 9pm Rebel Rock Bar - Philadelphia, PA Oct 13, 11pm Bar East (Basement Level) - NYC, Oct 19, 11pm

Hope to see everyone at one or more date!