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E&S News Report: Growing Chaos Panic and Ecstacy in Anticipation of Debut EP

Los Angeles, CA - The palpable sense of anticipation that's been building for weeks across the world over The Echo And The Sound's debut EP is pulsating into a climactic fever pitch as the band enters their final day of recording. The unprecedented demand for the EP has caused chaos for online providers, local law enforcement, and even entire governments. In Egypt angry throngs demanding copies of the EP have taken to the streets and repeatedly clashed with security forces outside the presidential palace. In desperation, President Morsi has declared Marshal Law. A top Egyptian Official who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity because he's not authorized to speak on sensitive matters of national security told us, "These Echo and the Sound guys must really kick ass cuz shit is fucking crazy here." In the U.S., law enforcement has been struggling with a growing black market for the band’s music. A disturbing number of people have gone so far as to offer vital organs in exchange for tracks off the EP. As one fanatic hopeful put it, “I can live without a second kidney but I can’t live without The Echo and the Sound.” Elsewhere, entire cities’ power has been shut down due to the overwhelming strain popular demand for the EP has put on electric grids. In response to the growing chaos and unrest the Obama administration is reportedly considering officially declaring the band a terrorist organization. When the duo was reached for comment on this, drummer and noted outraged activist Douglas Jewell went on a long angry diatribe about the government’s repression of constitutionally authorized dissent and erosion of our civil liberties, and a bunch of other stuff that sounded smart and everything but I pretty much tuned out for cuz it’s like okay dude really? Chill out ya know. Guitarist and singer Brian Rich, when prompted for a response gave a brooding disinterested far-away look, then slowly put on a pair of sunglasses lit a cigarette and shrugged. More on this story as it develops.