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KBAC interview and in studio performance.

Ira G. invited me down to KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago. Here's the podcast: https://santafe.com/kbac/podcasts/dk-affordables-vintage-rock-for-the-modern-minded

RIP Nick Curran

I received news today that Nick Curran lost his battle with cancer yesterday. This is terribly sad news for me as he was one of my favorite guitarists and a big influence on my style. I first saw Nick performing with the Paladins in Austin at a car show probably in 2002. Later that night we caught him at the Continental club and I was sold. I had to get his cds and start studying his style. I can't play anywhere like Nick but I do try and emulate him where I can. The purchase of one cd turned into collecting his entire catalog and following him on youtube on a fairly religious basis. I could never get enough Nick. I knew that the cancer he had seemed to conquer in 2010 had returned but didn't know the severity of the current bout until meeting Dave Gonzalez in August. He relayed to me how bad the cancer seemed to have caught Nick this time. Dave was really down when we talked about Nick that night and it made me very sad. Our conversation about Nick ended with Dave saying that Nick was a fighter and that he would give it all he's got to kick cancer's ass once again. Alas, Nick's fight ended yesterday, October 6, 2012. A day I will never forget and more importantly, a man I will never forget. Rock on Nick!!!

Trailer Trash Queen

Just posted up or first single, "Trailer Trash Queen". It's a live recording from a basement somewhere in Northern New Mexico. Not the best quality, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.