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Acoustic Songs

Hi there, so I, Dale Spencer finally got his arse in gear and recorded some of his solo material. Some more heart-felt songs along with outrageous and down right weird numbers. I'm a mixed up guy so what you hear is what you get i guess... Please let me know what you think and if you like them please do share . Peace to all x

Orange Beam Productions...

So the studio is almost set up. Yesterday we added a nice shiny gretsch jazz kit to the arsenal. Sounds fantastic! just got to have it tuned and we'll be recording beats galore! Peace :) Beam :)

Top 100 Globally!

Just minutes after blogging about the top 10 national charts, we hit 100 in the global chart for our genre, keep listening peeps even more sounds coming soon. Peace:) Beam:)

Top 10 in the experimental UK chart!

Thanks to all of you who have listened to and enjoyed the sounds of Project Orange Beam. You've put us in the top 10 nationally for our genre, couldn't be happier right now. Gonna get working on another track now, should be up in the next few days. Peace:) Beam :)

Moving up the ranks :)

We're upto 13th in the National experimental charts. Thanks to everyone for listening and becoming a fan, we're hearing lots of interesting sounds here, so all you guys keep making sweet music too. Beaming Peace to all :)

Thanks to everyone who's listening.

Everyday we keep getting new fans so, thanks so much because this means we keep moving up the ranks which only motivates us to make more music. Keep on grooving to the sounds of the Beam! Peace :)

Recent tracks

So, you maybe wondering why all of a sudden our sound has gone from live band to some sort of electro sound. The truth is that this is a music project and we are not limiting ourselves to just a live band sound. These demos are here to be enjoyed and collaborated with, for example, if you're a singer, rapper or brass player who likes improvising over stuff and you come up with something that just works, let us know. Send us a video and we'll tell you what we think :) Same goes for DJ's, want to remix/sample stuff just ask :)