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I Got This

"I got this true confession this is who I am. I got this wild aggression you can't understand... right now. Cause I got two feet, two hands, one heart with no plans"


That old knot in the stomach!! The one that keeps you up all night. Oh to stop worrying!! Things have not always gone well so expectations turn sour:( There are no guarantees in life. This project I'm working on has been in the making for years. It seems like it's never going to happen. I'm just waiting for something to go wrong! I hate that feeling. "I've been built up to be let down!" Lyrics from my song "Let Down." I've hamstrung myself and been hamstrung by others and been a victim of life in general. We all go through things we don't enjoy. I'm ready to enjoy the rest of my life:) I'm starting to get excited and that scares me. I gave up on hope years ago. I guess it's never too late start hoping again. Here's to hope:) Peace!

Bumps In The Road

There will always be bumps in the road or pot holes(here in PA). This project should've been finished, oh, 5 years ago?! But things happen, like a flood that wiped out all of our equipment!! Remember that Bill? Channel 29 news was in your driveway!! "Is that a bass drum floating down the street?" Hah!! Yes...yes it is:) I gave up on music after a series of unfortunate events. I title this series..."My Entire Life!!" Not feeling sorry for myself. I actually have developed quite a sense of humor(Thank You God)!! I left for Florida on New Years Eve 2009 to take a job at my friends restaurant. I sold all of my music equipment(all of which was replaced with an insurance check)to finance the trip. I was done. I was moving on to the rest of my life. I lasted almost two years. As fate would have it everything fell apart. I had to return home to Lansdale. WHY GOD?!! I was soaking in the sun in Delray Beach, Florida!!! No...not Lansdale...AGAIN!!! Anyhoo...here I sit. I came home in time to spend a moment with my step-father before he passed. And time with my precious niece who died at 15 of brain cancer. It was the 4th of July. From now on fireworks will have a different meaning for me. I'm grateful for these bumps in the road. However painful they may be. I'm looking forward to completing this project and focusing on the future. Solo adelante, as my friend Maria would say. Only forward!! Peace!!

Get Ready

Working very hard to get the EP finished. Very excited about the project!!