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Cha Cha Cha - Watford

I'd like to drew your attention to a very excellent venue my band 'Nick and the Sun Machine' will be performing at this friday (25th May 9pm). 'Cha Cha Cha' in Watford is situated on the outskirts of Cassioburry Park. The Surrounding area is peaceful and as you walk in you are greeted with a serine setting with candle lit tables, the smell of vegetable chilli cooking in the kitchen and walls lined with local art. There is a stage at one end of the room and a bar at the other. The kind of 'hippy cafe' that seems like it belongs in another time and place. The last time I performed here in 2009, I supported a group that I knew were going to be successful. On just hearing their soundcheck 'The Staves' (http://www.thestaves.com/) grabbed me instantly. That swell of harmony, the quality of the songs and their beautiful appearance cast a spell over the audience for the hour they were on the stage. Back then I supported them alone. And felt like a needed that kind of 'group' chemistry to make things move forward. The Staves clearly had it and I loved what I witnessed but also felt that things weren't quite right for myself. I was in a group (Ground Dust) but was getting bored and I wasn't in charge. If i'd been honest with myself, I wanted a band of my own, playing my songs. Fast forward to 2012 and we are set to play 'The Wirless' on friday with a line up that feels right and has the chemestry I have long hoped of. I am very excited and I can feels thing moving forward faster than they ever have! :)