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Unsigned Music Needed

I am about to launch a company and we need ALL unsigned music! Advertising, TV, film. gaming & radio clients. We will have jobs for you to pitch for and your music will be listed in library for clients to buy your music if they want it for their campaign. Please get in touch asap Leila x

Calling all singer, song writers, unsigned & unheard

Hi guys I have started a database of unsigned, unknown music, this will be a platform for obviously the industry but also a possible way of making some extra bucks and getting recognition through advert campaigns, tv & film. We all know how popular the Twinnings ad and John Lewis (slow moving millie) launched them into the spotlight and this is what i am proposing. If you have professionally recorded tracks originals or covers (high demo quality accepted) please get in touch with your email address so i can send you over more info and who knows what can happen. It is literally no win no fee, no hidden anything, I am one of you and know how hard it can be, so why not have your tracks registered on a online database and see what happens.

Love ya Leila :-)

Rugby Rocks Festivals

I am delighted to have been invited to perform at the London & Yorkshire Rugby Rocks festivals There are some great acts already confirmed: Goldierocks, Benjiboko and Zane Lowe - what a bill to be on, as I kick start my debut single promotions tour. It’s going to be an incredible day with the national hero’s of rugby playing 7’s, loads of great food and Yorkshire festival 16th June, come on down and find out more here www.rugbyrocks7s.com

A year in the studio – Writing with the great Livingstone Brown

I met Livi back in March 2011 and we hit it off straight away. There was no beating around the bush, my lyric book (basically my diary!) was taken to photocopy and as Livi saw the shock in my face, assured me I had now entered the circle of trust! Instantly I was at ease and couldn’t wait to see what he thought of my ideas and where we would take them, such an incredible feeling, I had been waiting for all my life. We got to work straight away and within 24 hours we had my debut single ‘Broken’ written! Followed by ‘Set Me Free’ a song so close to my heart, I’d love it to be my B side, I couldn’t believe I finally had it down, composed and ready to perform to the world! After this they just kept coming, we had opened the flood gates and clearly made a great team. I have been in the studio with Livi for almost a year now and have 7 songs towards my debut album, I am so excited to get feedback on my new music and whilst I sit on the cusp of beginning my promotion tour around Britain’s funkiest music cities, I am literally jittery, annoying everyone and dancing on the ceiling!!

www.iamleila.com www.livingstonebrown.com