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Welcome to my Page

Hey Guys! I'm an old dude from Grande Prairie, Alberta that plain simple loves to play music. I've been playing drums for quite a few years now. Played the bar scene in various cover bands. Over the years, I also self tought guitar, bass and a little keys (Well!..lol still learning). As far as singing, this is fairly new to me, but hey! If I don't try, I'll never get any better. I have a small recording studio in my home and enjoy writting and creating new song ideas. Music is my passion and I love every aspect of it. Every song I write is a lesson, It's unbelievable how much you can learn if you really want to. My passion is Rock, but I love any genre that plain simple has a beat! I do play all instruments in my songs (Well I try anyways, lol) Please let me know the goods and the bads about my music. Sometimes people try to be nice and say "your music is great" then you go play live and it's not as great as you thought, So be nice and be truthful at the same time, so I don't embarrass myself when I play live, lol! Thanks Guys!!