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What to say, this past week, I've received so much love on Reverbnation, Twitter, and Facebook I wanted to reach and say to everybody who followed me and what I'm trying to do with my music, a very simple......THANK YOU! I'M VERY HUMBLED & APPRECIATIVE! I've got a lot of new things I'm working on so please stay tuned to my pages I will always keep you up to date! You fans mean the world to me, whether it's 1 or 1 million, I thank you! Please be sure to follow me on Twitter - @LastNameSong - Facebook - www.facebook.com/LastNameSong - Reverbnation - www.reverbnation.com/LastNameSong10 - Youtube Channel - LastNameSong

Thank you................Humbled -LNS-

**New Mixtape** Open For Bizzness

A few days ago I released my Debut Mixtape "Open For Bizzness" hosted by @Reverse_Nation & @Breezy2478 - http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/reversenation-open-for-bizzness-mixtape.68213.html - They did an excellent job hosting it. Make sure you follow them asap, they always show love to Rappers, and Producers trying to come up! I'm very proud that I was able to complete this project. From my artwork to the music, even to the hard copies pressed out, I'm glad for that experience! It's available for Download, and feel free to share with anybody! I appreciate those who has given me a chance! Follow me @LastNameSong


Man, if you like to move you gonna enjoy this one! Check me out on @Reverbnation - LastNameSong10 Follow me, tell me what you think! Hope you enjoy!

New Video "Understand Me"

Understand Me, that's the name of the new video I released a few hours ago. The Visuals & Photos were shot by Shutterbenz Photography - http://www.facebook.com/shutterbenzphotography - Please feel free to leave your feedback, and share it with others! Follow me on Twitter - @LastNameSong - Keep it 100 wit me

**New Release** SpazzOUT

Finally got a chance to get this version of my track #SpazzOUT That's apart of what I want to do, have #SpazzOUTSessions where I just rap, say what's on my mind, give you bars, and make good music! Tell me what you think, http://soundcloud.com/duane-song/spaz-out-by-lastnamesong-prod - Repost Share Download Follow me @LastNameSong


That's the theme for today, this is another big day in moving forward in my music career! That's the theme for today "100" and also the name of my new single! I need your feedback, support, and share it with everyone around you! I appreciate you "100"


Steady Pushin

Another week down 2 more songs done, more progression for this music. This is going to be the norm, release a single, another soon to follow, I never want to settle. My appreciation always goes to those who take their time to just give me a listen! I hope you enjoy more music to come. Thank you


My Birthday Today!

For my B-day I'm asking all for a simple request......... Check out my New Video to my Single "Checkin my Fresh" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0heiJANxtmI&feature=g-all-u - I appreciate y'all so much, more than you know! Thank you all --LNS--

My Birthday 5/23

For my Birthday I'm releasing my 1st music video to my current Single "Checkin my Fresh" All I'm asking for my Birthday is to give my music an opportunity! Click on the Youtube link, have a listen, and share with others! I will appreciate that more than you know! Thanks for listening to me, be sure to add me http://www.reverbnation.com/lastnamesong10 - http://www.soundcloud.com/duane-song - www.facebook.com/lastnamesong - and #Follow me on Twitter - @LastNameSong

Thank you! --LNS--

My Plan

Welcome to my page here on Reverbnation.com. I thank you for stopping by my page, and giving my music a chance. I want you to know, that my plan is very simple........Make music for you to enjoy, and to share with your friends. My single "Checkin my Fresh" is the first of many, and there is more to come! Please check me out, share if you like, Follow me on Twitter @LastNameSong, tell ya friends! Thank you for listening. --LNS--