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Whitney Shar'de Changes Album Name??

Recently Whitney Shar'de changed the name of her album and the release date? After Inquiries asked why? She Replied "Well I recently changed up the Format of my album,and put songs on it I felt would be more dear to me and there will still be a "Broken Mirror" Album coming from me it just want be my first release,I plan on Releasing "Broken Mirror" as My 2nd Album instead,It may sound a little crazy,however I know everyone will love "The Beginning(Press Play)" just because the names changed doesn't mean it still want be a hot alblum", You heard it hear first-Underdog Publishings

Want More From Whitney Shar'de?!?!

Rumor has it...singer/dancer/songwriter Whitney Shar'de is suppose to have some good things in store..even though it seems to all be anticipated she has said what she has in store for her fans is going to be well of a wait from her sexy/seductive singles like"Midnight" and "Let's Play" to emotional relationship tracks like "Bottom of the Barrell Love" and "Window Pain" to her club hits like "Im The One" she stated "This album is not gone be what people are only gonna be waiting for but what they are going to love and want to hear over and over"-Whitney Shar'de

new music

Whitney Shar'de has multiple new singles coming out be on the look out for more on her music reverbnation fans!!