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The NEW Movement

As a musician, I feel like music is in somewhat of a recession. What happened to bands like Led Zeppelin and The Eagles being successful in the music industry? Too many times do I turn on the radio and flip through all of the stations only to find myself driving in silence after three minutes. I want people to describe mainstream music to themselves. To ask themselves if it is a genre or if it is a phrase used to describe the status of an artist. I believe they go hand in hand. It seems to me that most people are losing musical knowledge or never really had it at all. I'm disgusted every time when I turn on the radio and I hear an artist like "Lil Wayne" who hardly raps about anything other than "bitches, money, and killing". Even on rock stations I hear alot of really stupid music. Songs about "porn stars" are not my idea of good, well thought out music. I do hear great modern bands that are successful though. I know that there is a new movement taking place here in the music industry. I'm not going to try to convince everyone to rise up against mainstream music, but what I will do is let the music do the convincing for me. I never write a song unless I am truly feeling the music in my blood, in my mind, and in my heart. I try to create complexity in simplicity. What we have going is something that can never be given up to the clutches of another. Artists must have creative freedom or their creative potential will never be reached and they will sound mainstream like everyone else. Our will is to dodge and avoid the clutches that can keep us. I know there is a movement. Maybe even a revolution. I am proud to be joining the NEW movement. -Garrett, The Democracy

Getting Excited!

Hey what's happenin' folks? This is the bear on the bass Yogi here just wanting to throw a couple of words out there. Teal (Vocals/Guitar) and I have been friends for a long time and we've been playing together for quite a while now, but with the addition of J-Rock on the drums we're getting serious. We have a gig lined up, working on more and all we're trying to do now is spread the word around so people can here our shit, because everyone that does likes it. So tell all your friends that all the cool kids like The Democracy, and if your near central Texas on the 8th come watch us play. Leave your feedback on stuff too, we love to hear it.

Catch you cats on the flip flop, Yogi Owens